Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 11: Follow Freeman - A Complete Guide to City 17

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 11: Follow Freeman - A Complete Guide to City 17
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Chapter 11 is basically the climatic battle in Half-Life 2. It gets a lot easier after this, so if you make it through Chapter 11 you’ll effectively be home free. The biggest challenge is that Valve decided to throw everything possible at you. There are snipers, zombies, headcrabs, Combine elites, gunships, and finally a few striders. Surviving this won’t be easy.

Key Objectives


Half-Life 2 - This Horse Statue is Your Far Off Goal

un Past the Snipers - 2 snipers are covering the streets. Some running and hiding will be necessary.

The Last Zombies - This is the last zombie ambush in the game. Kill the 8 zombies in the sewer to escape.

Save Barney - Barney’s pinned down and you need to blow up some snipers to save him.

Storm the Combine Headquarters - This bank/museum is the site for Combine Overwatch’s headquarters. You get to lead your rebels into the building, while praying that the suppression device doesn’t blow them up.

Knock out the Generators - 2 big battles and a jumping puzzle stand in between you and the suppression device’s power source.

The Rooftop Battle - The rooftop requires a lot of firepower. You need to blow up a Combine gunship, extend the sky bridge, and take the Combine position.

The Courtyard Battle - Your army of rebels has to take out 4 striders in the courtyard. Good luck.

Escape from the Tunnel Ambush - Just one big strider keeping you pinned down inside the ruins of a building. Just run and pray.

Get Through the Streets - 2 Striders, hidden explosives, and elite soldiers line the road to the Citadel. Have fun.

One Important Horse Statue - The building leading up to this statue is guarded by elite soldiers and striders. It will take a bit of luck to get through this strange stronghold.

Enter the Citadel - Take Dog’s and enter the Citadel itself for a one-on-one interview with Breen.


Rebels - You’ll have a fairly steady stream of your rebel allies throughout chapter 11. They’re not too effective, but they are at least useful as distractions. They are capable of taking down striders in the courtyard battle.

Barney - He’s a fairly useful ally in chapter 11. He’ll be at your side for most of the raid on the Combine headquarters and he is a decent shot.

Dog - Really just a quick cameo at the end.


Snipers - There are 2 groups of snipers here. Just hold up a shield and move quickly. Use grenades on the ones near Barney to take them out.

Half-Life 2 - Get Used to Seeing a Lot of Combine

Zombies - Just a few more headcrabs, zombies, and fast zombies in one section underground. Really no concern.

Combine Soldiers - Normal soldiers with dark uniforms and blue eyepieces. They’re your main enemy for most of the chapter. There’s a lot of ammo for the pulse rifle and the shotgun though, so fire away.

Combine Elites - You’ll see a fair number of these guys too. These white uniformed soldiers are great shots and they can use the alternative fire from the pulse rifle. Take them out quickly.

Gunships - More gunships. These aren’t new. Just take cover and keep nailing them with rockets.

Striders - Striders are a little different. They can use a strong minigun and a heavy cannon to really do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. You need to use hit-and-run tactics to take these guys out . They don’t usually shoot down rockets though, so it isn’t as tricky as shooting down a gunship.

Basic Tips

  • Random objects make for great cover from sniper fire.

  • Get used to running a lot in this chapter. There are many battles that just can’t be won.

  • The shotgun and the pulse rifle will naturally be your primary choices, since the ammo is everywhere.

  • Don’t be afraid to use the alternative fire on the pulse rifle. You’ll get a lot of refills for it off of the dead elites.

  • Don’t underestimate the rebels. They can dish out some serious damage. This is especially true if you let them pick up some of the Combine’s dropped weaponry.

  • Really stick to cover in this chapter. The high number of Combine soldiers and striders mean that even a momentary look can cost a lot of health.

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