Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 11: Follow Freeman - Run Gordon, Run

Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 11: Follow Freeman - Run Gordon, Run
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Not As Planned

Go out and into the tunnel. Now stop! If you want any of your surviving squad members to survive, you need to send them down to the end of the tunnel now. Start running down the tunnel yourself and don’t look back when you hear the loud noise. A strider will break through the back wall as you approach the lone solder at the end. Just keep sprinting and duck into the basement to the left. Wait for your squad to regroup and kill the few Combine who come through the other door by the stairway. Feel free to kill any of the scanners flying around.

Alright, this is a little tough. That strider is going to patrol this building and shoot at you whenever you present a shot. It also seems like the scanners give away your position and help it home in. Nothing you can really do about that though. There seems to be a steady supply of new scanners to replace the dead ones.

Go upstairs and kill the 2 soldiers up here. Then go through the doorway and approach the ramp. Crouch by the window and wait for the strider to pass. Run up the ramp and get behind one of the little sections of wall still standing. These are your only real cover up here, so use them well. Also, go ahead and make a permanent save now. This is probably going to take a few tries.

Keep on eye on the strider and just keep your head down for a minute. Look around for a concrete beam that should act as a ramp. It should be in the middle of this floor near the only remaining section of outside wall. It might take a minute for the beam to be knocked down by the strider’s fire. It could already be shot down though, so always check.

You need to run up that concrete beam into the upper series of beams. Just follow the u-bend and run as fast as you can without falling off. The strider should have trouble focusing on you if you keep moving. Once you get to the end, drop down to the box of rockets in the little stairwell. You could try to kill the strider now, but that’s a little pointless. Just grab some new rockets if you need them, and then go down the hallway.

Well Guarded Streets

It’s time for some more running from striders. Go forward and down into the parking garage area. Move through and shoot the 4 Combine inside. Watch for the blue eyes. The shotgun Curve around the “U’ of wrecked cars and grab the pile of ammo from the supply boxes. Then go up the streets.

Half-Life 2 - Lots of Combine Elites Are Waiting for You

The exit slope is a kill zone. There’s a strider zeroing in on you. There are 3 elites moving in on your position along with Combine reinforcements down the streets. You’ll die if you stand and fight. You need to run. Sprint forward and into the tunnel to the left as fast you can. Use the shotgun to kill the 2 normal soldiers at the other end of the tunnel. Then turn around and blow away the 3 elites who should be cautiously moving into the tunnel. Look above you. You should be able to hear and see the striders movements. Wait until it is walking away from the exit. Then dash out. You can get more supplies from the café ahead. Just turn to the left and go down the street if you don’t need them.

Another strider pops up from the wreckage, but it also open a new path. Just sprint straight at it and duck below and to the left. Stop and listen though. There should be some beeping and a bit of Combine chatter. Hang back behind the cars and wait for them to spring the trap prematurely. Advance and kill the 3 soldiers at the end of the tunnel. Come out and around.

It’s time for a bit more fun. As a side note, this is basically the end of the hectic battles. Things change pace after the end of this chapter. It will not continue to get harder, so don’t worry.

The Final Push

Come out and advance to the building ahead. This part is really tricky. There are striders everywhere, soldiers waiting in ambush, and a few dead ends that have to be cleared by strider fire before you can advance. Go forward and blow away the 2 combine here. Then dash for the partially destroyed wall to the back left. Wait until the strider moves behind the next section of wall. It will blow it away in a moment, so just advance into the little closet area. Kill the soldier here and duck into the closet itself. The 2 supply crates should have a ton of health packs and shield energy. Stock up and save.

Half-Life 2 - The Strider is Actually Your Only Hope for Advancing

Go forward and blow away the next soldier. Take cover by the wall ahead of the stairs. Engage the soldiers to the top left. We’re just killing time until the strider rounds the corner. When it does, advance to that big stockpile of supply crates. Then run back really fast and take cover. The strider blows away that entire platform with a heavy cannon blast and it now enters a combat patrol. Most of the building is gutted except for this little cover line. Just wait and keep the Combine pinned down. You are basically waiting for an elite to show up. When he does, kill him and wait a few seconds longer. The strider should use the heavy cannon to blow up a big chunk of the building ahead. Wait until it leaves and then go through the new hole to the next part of the building.

Advance and run into the little tunnel to the left. Grab some more supplies and wait for a heavy cannon blast. Go back out and help the steady wave of rebels take out the Combine. I counted about 4 along with 1 elite behind cover ahead. Kill him and take up his position in the corner of the building. Wait for the strider look away, and rush forward to the left. You need to get into the area with the elevators and the health chargers. Take a break for a minute. Go into the little closet and get more supplies. Use the chargers to get your health and shields up before the big fight. When you’re ready, go up the stairs.

Just 2 More Striders

Use the shotgun to blow away the lone soldier up here. Then take up your position for a fight against 2 striders. Your best option for cover is the crater by the double doors. This gives you fair protection from 4 sides. It also usually keeps the other strider behind the ruins for a bit.

Half-Life 2 - You’re Basically Safe from the Striders

The process itself is fairly simple. You need to use this position of cover as your base. Face the door and use it as a point of reference. The strider to the right will usually appear for a clear shot in the space between the doors and the wall. Just fire away when he does. The other strider should stay behind you and never really get a clear shot.

When you use up your rockets, grab another 3 from the box. Dash out and then get back to cover. Once the first one dies, the second will fire a heavy cannon shot and blow away the wall facing the first strider. You’ll be fine if you stay by the doors. This second strider will then move over to the first strider’s position and keep up the fight. You don’t have the cover of the wall, so you’ll have to strafe from side to side by the doors to avoid it’s fire. Just keep hammering it. It should go down after about 6 or 7 shots.

That’s it for the chapter. Watch out for any surviving Combine around the building. Then look for the horse statue in the top right. You need to get to it. Move along the series of beams and drop down to the rebels below. Keep the Combine pinned for a moment, and then enjoy the show. It seems that Dog is back.

Follow him to the Combine gate and wait for him to lift the pylon. Drop down the hole to end the chapter.

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