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Guild Wars: Gladiator Title Guide

by: Melina Ann Collison ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Titles in the Guild Wars are a way to show off a player’s achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. Learn how to get the Gladiator title.

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    What are Titles

    Titles in Guild Wars are a way to show off a player's achievements and accomplishments in the game. There are a total of 44 different title tracks across all the Guild Wars campaigns; Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North. However, players can only achieve a maximum of 43 on any given character. The two titles that collide with each other are Survivor and Defender of Ascalon. You cannot get Defender of Ascalon without dying and you cannot die to get Survivor. So to get one the character will miss out on getting the other.

    Guild Wars Logo 

    Titles are displayed under the Guild Wars character’s name. To view titles in progress or to see those that are completed tap the “h” key while in game and a screen will come up with a tab that allows you an overview of all your titles. Players can also change which title is displayed on their character from this screen as well.

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    Gladiator Title

    The Gladiator title is a core title in the Guild Wars game that does not directly deal with any specific campaign but instead with Player versus Player (PvP) game play. The streaks and number of wins in a row during the Team Arena and Random Arena battles are what counts towards this title track. If a player wins PvP matches in those two arenas over and over in a row they will receive 1 point for the first 5 wins, 2 points for the next 5 wins (10 wins), 3 points for the next 5 wins (15 wins), and 4 points for every additional 5 wins the player accomplishes (20 wins in a row or more).

    There are 12 ranks to the Gladiator title track that a player must advance through before maxing out the title.Eternal Gladiator Guild Wars 

    • 1 – 100 Points – Gladiator
    • 2 – 200 Points – Fierce Gladiator
    • 3 – 100 Points – Mighty Gladiator
    • 4 – 168 Points – Deadly Gladiator
    • 5 – 280 Points – Terrifying Gladiator
    • 6 – 466 Points – Conquering Gladiator
    • 7 – 775 Points – Subjugating Gladiator
    • 8 – 1,296 Points – Vanquishing Gladiator
    • 9 – 2,160 Points – King’s Gladiator
    • 10 – 3,600 Points – Emperor’s Gladiator
    • 11 – 6,000 Points – Balthazar’s Gladiator
    • 12 – 10,000 Points – Legendary Gladiator

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    Team Arenas and Random Arenas

    Random Arenas (RA) is an area in the Guild Wars game that allows players to do as much or as little PvP as they wish. Each RA battle consists of two separate teams that are chosen at random and consist of 4 players each. There are a total of thirteen different maps that are also chosen at random.

    Ascalon Arena Guild Wars 

    Team Arenas (TA) is an organized form of RA. There are still two separate teams with 4 players on each side. Teams from guilds and alliances usually get together for TA battles. Having an organized team is going to benefit the outcome of a TA match. Groups from RA that have won 10 matches in a row are automatically transferred to a TA match.

    Either of these two battles is going to work for the Gladiator title track. Make sure that the wins are consecutive to gain points.

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    Gladiator Title Walkthrough

    To max out the Gladiator title and climb through the 12 ranks players must devote a great deal of time to PvP game play only. Photo By Melina Ann Collison Focusing on Random Arena and Team Arena 100% is going to be the only way through this title. Finding a guild with strong RA and TA players will help this process handsomely. With other guild members or alliance friends players can form groups to fight with inside the battles. If properly constructed these groups will have a hard time being beaten inside the arena.

    If a player is not receiving points for winning the game they need to remember that points are only given out for every 5 wins in a row. So if someone wins 5 games and gets his or her point then looses a game before winning 5 more they will only receive 1 point again. Even though the player got 10 wins they were not back to back.