Guild Wars: Creating the Perfect Build for Any Character

Guild Wars: Creating the Perfect Build for Any Character
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Guild Wars Builds

Guild Wars is an ever growing MMORPG that millions of people are playing. Knowing how to properly create a build for each specific character class is important to game play. Some people utilize online Internet help sites with pre-made character builds, and for beginners that is not a bad idea. However, the long time Guild Wars players know the builds on those websites and will beat you every time in a player versus player (PvP) setting. Those builds you find are good for learning, leveling, farming, and player versus environment (PvE) game play.

Knowing how to create your own personal build is going to benefit your game a great deal. The best place to test your new builds is at the alliance battles (AB) in your guild. Fast action on the battlefield makes testing faster and AB will give you just about every character class to fight against to test weak spots.

Character Type

The type of character you decide to make will depend on the build you want to create. The Monk has two options for game play in Guild Wars. You can either heal your party or fight. Deciding to be a healer allows you to choose between protecting the party and healing the party. Protecting other players or healing them is a big difference and most Monks have builds for each and armor for

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each. Different runs in Guild Wars needs different builds and a Monk will be rejected for not having the correct skills.

This is the same for every character class in the Guild Wars game. Each one has a choice to make in what build they want. Eventually the player will want a build for every choice offered to make a good character that can do anything in the game. Knowing which path to choose can be simple. Go to some skill trainers or look on the Internet for your character’s skills and see what fits you the best. Do you like the damage that the fire skills bring an Elementalist? How about the water skills instead? What fits your fighting style? There are so many skills to choose from that you can create a great build out of just about any attribute.


Attributes can be scary to some players and many people often forget about them after reaching level 20 and finishing their attribute

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quests. However, these little points will make or break a build. If your attributes do not go hand-in-hand with the build you create then you are going to fail. Focus on your character’s special attribute first. You want at least a 9 in this section. That can be by using runes or simply attribute points. It is recommended by some people that you max this special attribute out all the way by using a combination of runes and points.

Moving on from the special attribute you are going to want to choose 1-2 more attributes to place your points in. Only having 2 attributes to work with will allow you to max them out which makes those skills the best they can be, hit harder than anyone else, or create the highest healing power. Lowering attribute levels lowers the power of the skills in the skill bar.

Runes, Armor, and Weapons

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Everything needs to match, go together, and flow. If you are a Necromancer and want to do damage you would choose Soul Reaping and Curses for your attributes. This would be the same for the runes that go on armor and the armor headpiece. Get runes that enhance Soul Reaping and Curses attribute points. Have an armor set for each build so you are not replacing runes all the time.

The weapon you choose needs to coincide with everything else. Requirement 9 weapon that is from the special attribute for your character class is usually always going to work with just about any build.


Choose skills that work for you, go together, and flow. Assassin’s have chain skills while a Warrior has adrenalin skills. Read about

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each specific skill and understand what it does and how it will work with the other skills you choose. The worst thing is being out in a fight and realizing your skill bar is full of skills that cost 25 energy to cast and you’re working with only 60 energy to begin with. This means you cast 2 skills to that other player’s 15 skills and guess who wins. Look at the build you create from all angles.

Build Overview

The attributes, armor, runes, weapon, and skills all need to be for the same 2-3 attributes. One of those attributes being the

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character’s special attribute and the others simply coincide with the skills chosen.

The skill bar needs skills that focus on working together and getting the job done. Every skill on the bar needs to be from the 2-3 attributes as everything else with the exception of a resurrection skill. The resurrection skill can use no attributes and still be successful.