Wii Goldeneye 007 Game Guide - Play Bond on your Wii

Wii Goldeneye 007 Game Guide - Play Bond on your Wii
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Goldeneye OO7 Game Guide Basics

Goldeneye 007 has both a single player and a multiplayer component. This guide is for the single player aspect of the game. You have several difficultly modes of play in the game from the basic “operative mode” right up to the classic mode with armor and not health regeneration like the easier modes. The classic mode is quite difficult and a nice challenge for seasoned first person shooter players. The higher difficulty modes will also unlock new objectives and areas of the game level you didn’t explore before offering new challenges and added game play. You can choose from a wide array of weapons from silenced pistols to machine guns. Bond can carry up to three weapons but always has his silenced pistol on him; it can’t be dropped for another weapon.


The game is split into six individual missions with most missions having more than one level. At higher difficulties you must complete all objectives to unlock that difficulty at the next level. Once you play through the game once you can pick whatever level you want to play.

Mission 1

  • Dam
  • Facility
  • Airfield

Mission 2

  • Nightclub

Mission 3

  • Carrier

Mission 4

  • Outpost
  • Bunker

Mission 5

  • Archives
  • Tank
  • Station
  • Memorial

Mission 6

  • Jungle
  • Solar
  • Cradle


Wii Goldeneye 007

007 will always start each level with his silenced pistol. You can pick up various weapons from killed enemies and extra ammunition. Scattered around most levels are locked crates which you can shoot open to reveal new weapons and extra ammunition. It’s a good idea to take at least one automatic weapon such as a machine gun into most areas. You can carry up to two more weapons besides the pistol Bond always carries with him. To switch firing modes hit the wiiremote pad up and switch weapons by hitting the pad down. Grenades are not available in the single player game; however you can loot a weapon that will fire a couple via a grenade launcher. You can pick up other weapons dropped from enemies by walking over them and hitting the A button. Be sure to look in all crates you see for other weapons since a different one can make it easier to complete the mission.


Wii Goldeneye 007

You’ll want to sneak around most areas and you can do that by crouching using the C button on your Nunchuck. When you crouch you can sneak up to an enemy and bring them down via a melee hit or a head shot with your silenced pistol. In some areas it’s almost impossible to sneak around so be prepared for a firefight. If you are detected while sneaking the area will flood with more enemies. Shoot out any cameras you see which can help with your stealth. Climb over obstacles by getting close and hitting the A button to vault over them. The same can be applied to grates which Bond will remove after you hit the A button.

Completing Objectives With Your Smart Phone

Wii Goldeneye 007

Bond carries a very fancy smart phone which can be used to scan areas for objectives. He can take pictures, shut down alarms, and other various tasks wit his smart phone. If you see your smart phone icon flash in areas it means that somewhere around the general area is a task Bind can complete with his smart phone. At higher difficulties be sure to search crates, behind pictures and other areas of objectives. Most smart phone objectives will be highlighted by a rectangle, simple walk up to the object and press the A button to complete the objective and move onto the next one. This can be very helpful in areas with sentry guns. Your map will guide you to your next objective but be sure to search all areas for any objective you might have missed.

General Combat

You can fire more accurately by looking down your sights by pressing the Z button on your Nunchuck. Firing while in a crouch is also more accurate. Be sure to use a melee attack if enemies get too close to you or you’re low on ammunition. Pay attention to your map and locate the red enemy markers. If you get detected while sneaking around be prepared for a good firefight and switch over to a machine gun if you have one. Most enemies will duck behind cover and will move around but flanking them will work well. Never stay in one area for too long because most enemies will hurl grenades at you. When you see the grenade icon move away as a hit is usually instant death for you. Hunt around for a grenade launcher rifle if you want grenades but they are limited in the game.


Have fun with Goldeneye 007 on the Wii. It will take you back to fond momories of the game on the Nintendo 64. You can try a classic controller if you want and you can even buy a copy that has a gold controller. Be sure to try multiplayer too in the game.