Walkthrough For Wii Goldeneye 007 Nightclub Level

Walkthrough For Wii Goldeneye 007 Nightclub Level
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Wii Goldeneye 007 Nightclub Level Part One

This level is a straight shootout so get ready to do some fighting. Move Bond up the stairs after the cut scene and answer your smart phone. Go inside the club to locate Sgt. Garcia. It can be confusing since there are patrons in the bar that are blocking your way and its dark so. Just refer to the map to move around the club. Use the phone to scan faces to find Garcia and she will take you to Zukorskys office. Once you speak with him you’ll go outside near the railing. A waitress will arrive and quickly shoot Zukorsky and blame it on you. Once you gain full control get ready to dispatch the guards around the office. Once they are down go through the far door and down the hallway to the next door. You’ll be back in the bar but it’s very hard to see the enemies in this area. Watch your map and locate the muzzle flashes to bring them down. Go up the stairs by the bar but be prepared for some more spawning enemies in this area. Take these down and follow your objective through the next set of doors.

Wii Goldeneye 007 Nightclub Level Part Two

Follow your objective till you reach the next checkpoint and press A to breach the door. After the slow time scene you can dispatch the men in this area. Before you go through the door pick up a machine gun off one of the men because you can use it in the next area. After you go through the door you’ll fight off a few guards before you reach the next door and checkpoint. You’ll arrive in the kitchen area and be out of the hard to see blue bar area. Get ready for some close combat fighting in the kitchen. Use the counters for cover and you should be fine. It can be hard to shoot in here due to all the pots so go around corners and watch for heads popping up or you can use melee hits it’s up to you. Be sure to collect extra ammunition here for the next area. Follow the objective until you get to a door with two guards by it. Dispatch these guards and move torugh the small office area until you get to another door.

Wii Goldeneye 007 Nightclub Level Part Three

In this area you’ll be in a large lounge area swarming with guards. Use cover here and move from area to area. Pick off the guards one by one and move through the lounge; just remember you can destroy glass to get at the guards behind it. Once all the guards are down you can follow the objective marker. Move down the hallway and go outside the nightclub. At this point the cut scene will start and Bond will jump down to a motorcycle and make his escape. The Nightclub level is now over.