Dam Level Walk-Through For Wii Goldeneye (Operative Difficulty)

Dam Level Walk-Through For Wii Goldeneye (Operative Difficulty)
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Part One Outside The Dam

As the cut scene finishes you’ll follow 006 down the hill and take down a guard with a melee attack. You’ll notice a guard tower nearby and a few guards so use your silenced pistol to take them out and then head up stairs into the tower and grab the sniper rifle. Use this to take out the patrol near the position of 006 and if you need more firepower there’s an Ak-47 in the tower or just outside of the tower. Once the patrol is dispatched, you can follow 006 into the truck and go to the checkpoint. The guards will demand you get out of the truck so 006 shoots them then he takes off in the truck in a scene that will remind you of Call of Duty moments. Shoot the soldiers in the trucks firing at you and take out the gas truck too. An RPG will hit the truck and it will topple over. Bond will be dazed for a bit but will then follow 006 towards an elevator shaft into the facility.

Part Two - Entering The Dam

Wii Goldeneye 007

Once the two men hit the bottom of the shaft 007 will breach the door and take down the three guards there. Collect ammunition from them if you need it but save your sniper rifle since you can use it later on. Head down the hallway and shoot the guard at the bottom of the stairs with your silenced pistol. Kill the guards by the truck with either your pistol or AK-47, and go through the far door for a short firefight.

Follow your objective marker till you reach some stairs and some water. Shoot both the boat and barrels on the dock to take out most of the guards before dispatching any that remain. Run onto the dock and blast the crate there for some ammo or a different weapon.

Shoot the lock on the gate and go down the stairs. There’s a grate by the entrance or you can just go through the door. The grate is easier since you can be stealthier this way. Follow your objective marker until you reach the elevator.

Part Three - The Helicopter

The elevator will stop at the top and once it opens, snipe the two guards on the stairway in front of you. Head up the stairs and once you get to the top, get ready to use your smart phone. Bond will take three photographs of the helicopter and then a truck full of soldiers will arrive near the landing pad. Use your rifle to take out the men and proceed down the stairs again onto the road. Take out your sniper rifle and shoot the guard in the far tower. Move through the obstacles towards the tower and mow down the soldiers that will try to rush you. Once you reach the tower go down the elevator.

Part Four - The Ending

Take out the guard in the room and shoot out the glass. Use your sniper rifle or machine gun to blast at the large group of soldiers near the truck. Go through the door and down the ladder there. Follow your objective marker and meet up with 006. Once you arrive he will jump over the dam and leave you to the group of soldiers who rush in. As the cut scene finishes Bond shoves his parachute to block them and jumps over the dam. Your first level is now complete and you can enjoy the theme song and opening credits. You have now finished the Wii Goldeneye Walkthrough dam level.


Article is author’s own experiences playing Goldeneye 007 on the Wii console.