Facility Level Wii Goldeneye Walkthrough

Facility Level Wii Goldeneye Walkthrough
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Getting Into the Facility

After the cut scene 006 will go off in another direction. In front of you is a grille you need to remove to get inside of the facility. Follow the ducts around until you get to an area where you can jump into a bathroom stall. Peer down and melee hit the guard in the stall or just jump down to shoot him with your silenced pistol. Go into the stall next to him and take the AK-47 you’ll find there.

Inside The Facility Part One

Goldeneye 007 Wii

The facility can be confusing due to all the doors you must go through. Many areas have confined spaces so you need to be quick to take out the guards by stealth. Exit the bathroom and follow your objective marker until reach an area with some pumps. You can use stealth in this area by going up the stairs to take out the guards or you can blast away. Just remember if you decide to shoot it out more guards will arrive and they’ll have more firepower. It’s your choice what you decide to do. Finish with the enemies in this area and follow your objective marker.

Facility Level Part Two

You’ll come to an area with some glass and rooms. Take out the guards here and follow your objective marker until you reach a door with a padlock. Shoot off the padlock and go through the open grille inside. Take out the security camera and the guard by the pop machine before eliminating the guard in the room. Go through more doors by following your objective marker until you get to a catwalk with a large room on the other side. Take uut the guard here and the camera. There are more guards down the stairs in a large open area so eliminate these before moving on. In this are you can exchange your Ak-47 for a better rifle that the guards drop.

Facility Level Part Three

Follow your objective until you reach a room with a guard and a security camera. Shoot the guard and the camera before going around the corner slowly. Take out the camera ahead of you and pop into the room to shoot the guard there. Peer into the desk area and shoot the guard there or move a bit closer. Ahead of him you’ll see two guards by a fire extinguisher. Shoot the extinguisher which will take out the two guards. If you fail here you’ll alert a bunch of guards so be sure to use the new weapon you pick up in the last part if you need it. Stealth is much easier in this area because it’s confined and grenades will get you quickly here.

Facility Level Part Four

Goldeneye 007 Wii

Go up the main staircase in the room and follow your objective marker until you reach a room you can breach with the A button. After the short slow motion shooting scene with the two guards Bond will have the man in the room punch in some security codes before knocking him out. In the room is a crate so blast it off with your silenced pistol and take the silenced sniper rifle inside. Outside the room down below area whole bunch of guards with flashlights. Slowly take them out one by one with the sniper rifle and you can progress along. If you fail a large gunfight will begin so switch to a more powerful weapon.

Facility Level Part Five

Goldeneye 007 Wii

Go down into the larger area and follow your objective marker through by the door. Go down several flights of stairs and you’ll see an open area in front of you. You’ll see 006 drop down from above here and the two of you can take out the guards in this open area. Once the guards are down go through the door at the far end of the area and you’ll reach a white room. Take out the guards here and the cameras and go through the room until you get to a door which will trigger your smart phone to flash go through and follow 006s instructions to trigger the alarms to distract the workers. 006 will open a couple of doors for you. Go through and keep moving until you reach another area where 006 eliminates a few more guards to open a door for you. In this area you’ll need to plant charges on the fuel tanks. Move slowly and you should be able to get all the guards and cameras without being seen. If you get spotted in this area just you your machine gun to eliminate them.

Facility Level Conclusion

Go through the door and follow your objective marker. Bond will begin trying to contact 006 but he won’t answer. Keep moving and go through the door for the final cut scene. The Russian starts a countdown but shoots 006 at the end of it and moves toward Bond. Press your smartphone and find out what happens before he shoots you. If you succeed the level is now over and Bond will have to escape the facility.