Airfield Level Walkthrough For Wii Goldeneye

Airfield Level Walkthrough For Wii Goldeneye
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Airfield Part One

Once Bond leaves the dam facility he will be by some boxes being shot at by a helicopter. There’s no sneaking around in this level so get ready for an all-out fight. The level is short but it’s intense so keep your guard up. Crouch down to avoid being hit and pick up the Ak-47 near you. Several soldiers will be shooting at you. In the distance you’ll see a platform and a guard on the top so pop up and shoot this guard. Dispatch the others around you and get ready to run towards the platform. Be sure to move from cover to cover or just make a run for the platform. Once you go up the stairs punch the red button to launch the missile at the helicopter to destroy it. Be sure to dispatch the soldiers that will come towards the platform and head towards your objective marker.

Airfield Part Two

You can go up the stairs here and through the rooms or you can just fight it out by the trucks. If you go through the garage area you can pick up a new weapon. Follow your objective through the garage until you get to an open area with another army truck and guards. Take these out and pick up any extra ammunition you find. Follow your objective until you see the next helicopter in the open area with the bunker and concrete barriers.

Airfield Part Three

Shoot the soldiers behind the barricades and the one in the tower. Towards your left your see a bunker with an open door so run towards it but be sure to shoot the guard that will rush out of it. Go up the stairs and hit the red button to launch the second missile at the helicopter. Use the bunker for cover as you dispatch the remaining guards but always watch out for grenades that they like to throw at you. Finish off the remaining soldiers and head towards your objective marker.

Airfield Part Four

Open the door and shoot the guard inside. Blast the extinguisher on the wall and use the smoke for a screen as you clear out the main room. Kill off the guards here and go out the door. In a cut scene Bond will jump down to the motorcycle. Once Bond has control you’ll head towards the airplane. You can’t maneuver the bike just let it play out. Ignore the guards shooting at you from behind but use your pistol to shoot the soldier on the airplane door. Once he is down the airplane will go off the cliff and Bond will follow. As Bond jumps onto the airplane you’ll need to use your Nunchuck and remote to get inside. Quickly move the remote from side to side then flick the Nunchuck down to get into he plane. Once inside Bond will move to the cockpit. Repeat the least moves and the plane will level out. If you don’t move quickly enough the plane will crash and you’ll have to repeat from the motorcycle. Bond will fly the plain, make contact, and the level will be over.