Golden Eye 007 Tips and Tricks for the Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Game

Golden Eye 007 Tips and Tricks for the Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Game
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Based on the film with the same title, Goldeneye is a first person shooter (FPS) game involving many levels, low ranking thugs and level based bosses to defeat. I have a bit of nostalgia for this older system, but harking back to the days of beginning multi-player game systems,, this one is still a fun game to play. Nintendo 64 was the real introduction to 64 megabyte games the likes of which had not been seen outside of a PC game’s graphics. The 3D models surpassing Castle Wolfenstein’s first person shooter pixel graphics were amazing in their time.

Here are a few ideas, hints and tips to properly torment and frustrate friends with when you delve back into this Nintendo 64 game. Multi-play in this game operates on a base concept of 2 vs.1, 2 vs. 2, 3 on 1 or everyone for themselves. Each room or arena has its own specific main weapon of choice. The main modes are as followed: Man with the Golden Gun, You Only Live Twice, License to Kill and Living Daylights, also known as capture the flag. When playing in teams the radar colors will specify which is which so try not to bump off your partners (unless you think it may be funny, than by all means.) when circling in for the kill.

Multiplayer Choices

Man with the Golden Gun

This scenario stresses is be the first one to find the golden gun for it is an instant kill regardless if your opponent is wearing body armor or not. Track your opponents with the use of the radar already given to you and take them out. The downside is it is a single shot weapon and you are allowed the maximum of 7 bullets at a time. The only way for you to retrieve the weapon from the opposition is to kill them and take it off their corpse. The scenario or level to use this weapon is for 2 vs. 1, 3 on 1 or free for all.

You Only Live Twice

This runs rather simple. Whether you are in a team or playing a round of last man standing, you get a maximum of two lives and that is it. The Man (woman) or team with the least amount of deaths and greater number of kills is the victorious party. Radar colors will indicate who is who in the event you get separated from your partner.

Multi Continued

License to Kill

This mode pulls out all the stops. Forget body armor for this one. Weapons that so much as shoot you in the leg or arm are an instant death. Best recommended for the less than accurate shot is to grab an SMG (submachine gun) or an AR (Assault Rifle), stockpile on ammunition and watch your radar screen. One shot. One kill. For those with deadly aim, a sniper rifle and a good hiding place. Quite assuming. Perhaps stake out a room with weapons on the grab then take your shot. Another interesting addition to this mode is the ‘slap attack,’ which is also an instant kill if you can get close enough to your opponent. Nothing more embarrassing then being taken out by Judo chop.

Living Daylights

Ah, an age-old game of one that has been passed down from military to modern day paint-ball fans. Capture the flag. The pair of four will divide up and protect their flag by any means necessary. Keep in mind while you or your partner is holding said flag you cannot shoot back at your competition although slapping is possible. You will still be able to collect ammo and keep running back to base. The team that manages to hold onto the flag the longest wins.

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