Gun Tips and Tricks for N-64's Golden Eye 007 - Part 3 in a Series

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Submachine guns, or as I like to refer to them as: room sweepers. Handy item to run past one or more people in a pitched battle already. The following SMGs are found throughout your level of choice.


When you simply wish to spray a room then check and see if it is safe to go in, this is the SMG for you. Grand total of 800 rounds for carrying, the RCP-90 or power weapon cleans house. 80 rounds in the magazine then reload. Is there an adversary hiding behind an explosive barrel waiting for you to pop your head out? Smoke him out. Literally. This SMG is purely for the full auto gun nuts.

9mm ZMG

SMG with 32 round capacity and good range. Real handy in those close quarter kill zones.


Not actually sure where this one originated but also another SMG 9mm with 20 round capacity. Great for that CQKs as well as strafing fire on the run for a better AR or SMG


Hey if you played enough FPS games you know a good AR is easy to find and use but keep track of those rounds mister (or miss) because I am not your personal ammo caddy and I shall not bail you out of everything.


Russia’s assault modified AK-47 rifle poised with deadly accuracy if handled proper aim and training. Yeah we are getting too technical. Sorry, I was on a Q kick. This puppy packs a fair amount of rounds as well as a zoom mode similar to the sniper rifle. Shoot the enemy from afar from your hiding hole but keep one eye on the radar. A sneak attack is expected to happen as you engage your own.


You didn’t think we would leave you with no offense against the proximity and remote mines did you? 30 rounds to start, steady and level the AR-33 is the rifle for the task. With zoom aiming similar to the sniper rifle and KF7 you have a greater chance of removing proximity and remote mines from walls, floor and ceiling. Works real well against people as well.



Alright now we get into a realm of choice of hardware on the go. Someone or several folks you are playing with is dying for a duel of some sort so you oblige them. Semi-automatic or revolver the pistol is not to be sneered at. Yes a SMG or a AR is rather impressive due to large quantity of rounds but something to be said for dropping a man with one shot so here are a list of pistols you will encounter throughout the game


Standard 00 weapon carrying about nine rounds in the pipe and 9mm. Quick and effective against most but body armor soaks up the damage fairly well so you will have to give chase and hunt them down.

PP7 Silenced

Same as a standard but a sound suppressor has be attached so it is quieter and not always detected when getting shot.

Cougar Magnum

Look out Dirty Harry there’s a new gunslinger in town. .44 magnum with serious impact and tears right into body armor like it was cheese. Only downsides I have spotted is that is a revolver and less rounds to fire with between reloads as well as the slowest action pistol. Yes you are doing massive damage with one shot but 5 well placed shots with a semi-auto does the trick too.

Moonraker Laser

Toys galore. Named after the unfortunate Bond movie starring Roger Moore, the Moonraker laser is a devious weapon. The best aspect of this weapon is no reloading needed. Energy projector emits a laser beam and with a steady hand can kill a subject with no more than 4 shots. It is semi-automatic for some reason but hey it packs quite a punch and goes through armor like a hot knife through butter

Auto Shotgun

Looks like a 12 gauge Remington Browning Auto 5 but fires like a Beneli auto. Again I went all Q for a moment. Has a collective five round capacity and chews body armor up in two shots. Fast action by comparison with the Cougar and can be an excellent strafing weapon while you run for cover or just to escape.

DD4 Dostovel

9mm pistol with great handling that round capacity of 8 drops an unarmed person after 3 shots. Takes about 9 to 10 shots to dull down body armor but be persistent in the chase.

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