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FIFA Manager 10: Scouts and Other Staff

by: Christian Cawley ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Success in FIFA Manager 10 means managing all aspects of the running of the club, whether by handling everything yourself or delegating to highly trained individuals. The most important non-playing staff you have at your disposal are the scouts - use them to find new players and assess opposition.

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    Utilzing Staff and Scouts in FIFA Manager 10

    FIFA Manager 10 gives you control as manager over a range of staff members, from assistant managers and coaches to team doctors, PR people and more.

    Depending on your budget, these employees can be fired and hired, as well as sent on courses.

    Of all of the employees, the ones that bring the best and most tangible results are the scouts. While the assistant managers might work with the team all day, the scouts are out and about assessing other teams and players. A lot of their work might be in vain – a scout might watch players all year looking for someone suitable without finding him – but without scouts there is no way to build a strategy for forthcoming games.

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    Make the most of Staff in FIFA Manager 10

    In the FIFA Manager 10 main menu, go to Scouting – from here, you can look at your currently employed scouts (new ones can be acquired via Staff > Search) and their currently assigned tasks.

    Use scouts to find new players and assess oppostion in FIFA Manager 10 For the best results, you should always have one scout assigned the task of watching the next opponent. Assign tasks by clicking the Assign New Task button, and selecting one of the following items:

    Watch Next Opponent - this depends on who the next scheduled opponent is in the fixture calendar

    Watch a Match - a country, competition and fixture can be selected here

    Monitor a Player – select an individual player to be scouted from your Short List, a Transfer List or based on location and team

    General Scouting – this can be setup to instruct a scout to search for a particular type of player of any age and ability. You can also save the scouting instructions for use later on.

    Monitor a Team – this gives a similar return to Watch Next Opponent, however with this option you can choose the opponent.

    You can also opt to enhance your scouting by purchasing software within the game. "Scout One", "I C U" and "Scout-o-Mat" are in-game searchable databases with weekly updates, each with differing prices and functionality. These player databases can be used to aid you and your scouts in identifying suitable players to assess.

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    Other Staff and Courses

    Recruiting staff in FIFA Manager 10 The Staff screen in FIFA Manager 10 also features the Assign Tasks menu. This allows you to delegate various tasks to your staff, and caqn help to speed the game up considerably – for instance, you can set dispose of PR tasks, financial management and other related tasks by going to Staff > Assign Tasks > Management/PR and selecting Delegate All Tasks. This will have the effect of setting the default, appropriate staff members against these tasks, leaving you with the task oif running your team. A similar delegation can be performed in the Staff > Assign Tasks > Coaching screen.

    You will notice that each of your staff members – as viewed in the Staff > Staff screen – have a star rating. The yellow stars indicate the current talent score for this individual, while the blank stars indicate that further development is possible. A full set of yellow stars for all of your staff indicates a team that is going places – so to develop your staff, send them on courses.

    Courses are not cheap, so individual staff can be sent for training by right clicking on their name and selecting Send on Course. From the same menu, Staff Info, Extend Contract and Dismissal options are all available. To send all of your employees on a course, use the Send on Course button at the bottom of the screen.