Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth

The MMOFPS Genre Explored

The idea of a first-person shooter on a massive scale has always been attractive. In this article we take a look at the history of FPS MMO games and bring you a guide to the best of the bunch, both current and due to be released soon.

Fallen Earth Faction Guide

This article introduces you to the six different factions that you’ll encounter and do business with while playing the new Science Fiction MMO, Fallen Earth. We’ll provide you with information on each faction, their history, leaders and the territory they normally inhabit in Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth MMO Preview

Icarus Studios’ new MMORPG, Fallen Earth, employs a new platform for online, multiplayer gaming. In addition to changing the format of combat to reticule-based first-person or third-person combat, the game also contains vehicles, a new kind of skill system and a few unique factions to join.