Everquest 2 – Overview Of The Necromancer Character Class in Everquest 2

We <3 the living dead.

The Necromancer summons undead minions to do their evil bidding while slinging poison and disease magic at the creatures that stand before them. This horrifying master of death is one of the most powerful solo classes in the game, as their pets tank for them while the Necromancer rains down decaying magic from range. These casters have some of the greatest longevity of any class in the game, as their pets, damage over time and powerful lifetap spells allow them to fight almost indefinitely. Pet running low on health? Heal it. Running low on power? Lifetap to get more. You can see how a Necromancer can easily perform well both solo and in a group using this basic technique. They are simply the most powerful solo class in the game, particularly if they have their pet and healing spells upgraded.

‘It’s best to upgrade your intelligence and power primarily, as you have little need for defenses because of your pet. Necromancers do best when they focus on upgrading their pet as early and often as possible, as it makes up the bulk of their capabilities. They have a variety of pets at their disposal, from the diseased zombie to the shadowy assassin to the warlock. You should choose your pet depending on your situation – the more damage dealing pets are far more useful for group situations. Make sure that you buff your pets – even the temporary ones, like the plague rats – it makes them far more effective. The Consumption augmentation which causes the pet to return health to both the pet and the Necromancer works well with spells like Bleeding Ritual, which converts pet health to more power for its master.

Keep Mark of the Dead up at all times, as it improves stamina and intelligence for both the pets and their master. Necromancers have two lines of roots and stuns, but they cause a lot of threat and have only limited utility. They’re useful for emergencies and when you need to give your pet or the tank some time to build up threat. Fear is also quite useful, and a speciality of the Necromancer. Be sure that you have enough space to use it safely so that the monsters don’t come running back with friends. At level 50, the Necromancer gains the ability to transform into a Lich, which drains their health over time in return for power regeneration. Combined with lifetaps, it’s a crowning ability that greatly increases the Necromancer’s damage.

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