Everquest 2 – Overview Of The Swashbuckler Character Class In Everquest 2

Buckle your swash.

The Swashbuckler is a dashing, lightly armored scout class known for their dazzling swordplay. They require good reflexes, as they must chain together a variety of attacks to find an opening in their enemies. They do lots of damage dual wielding light weapons, and can use their charm and trickery to stun and mesmerize some of their opponents. If you like the sound of playing an Errol Flynn action hero that puts out astounding amounts of damage while enjoying a good deal of crowd control utility, the swashbuckler is for you. They can also add to their damage by poisoning their weapons, adding to their damage over time. They’re also a very solid solo class, although not quite the best, as they are quite fragile.

Agility and strength are their chief statistics, and as such you should probably pick a race that has higher agility scores if you want a leg up in the game mechanics, but chiefly you should pick a race that you won’t mind looking at for dozens of levels. After level 20, swashbucklers can wear chain armor, which improves their mitigation. You should also get in the habit of carrying around a shield so you can switch to that if you manage to pull threat.

Despite their high avoidance skills, their low hit points makes it so that swashbucklers can’t really act as tanks. It’s important to always carry a full complement of player crafted poisons with you wherever you go to make sure you’re doing as much damage as you can. If you’re not using your poisons constantly, you’re severely cramping your damage potential.

Swashbucklers also have to be quick on the uptake with positioning, just like with many other scout classes. Many of their most damaging abilities can only be used from the side or the rear. Make sure you communicate well with the tank to keep the monsters facing in a certain direction, and watch your back to make sure that you don’t pull an additional monster while you’re trying to reposition yourself for a better avenue of attack. Some of the swashbuckler’s skills like Poke debuff the target significantly – in Poke’s case, it reduces the target’s parry chance, making them easier prey for melee damage. The swashbuckler also has a few combat abilities that makes use of throwing weapons, so you aren’t completely helpless if circumstances push you to the outer rings of combat. They also have a number of great self buffs, like En Garde, which grants them an extra attack whenever their target parries, blocks or deflects an attack from the swashbuckler.

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