Everquest 2 – Overview Of Playable Character Classes in Everquest 2

Good… evil… I’m the guy with the gun. Err, sword.

Everquest 2 has a broad selection of classes that alters significantly depending on which alignment you choose for your character. There are 24 classes spread across four different archetypes, and each plays very differently. When EQ2 was first released, you gradually developed your character as you leveled, only choosing your final class after you were well along in your progression. Currently, you choose your final class when you create your character, although you can switch a good class to its evil flipside and vice versa if you complete the Betrayal quest later on in your adventuring career. Unlike in the original EQ, any race can play as any class, but the statistical differences and special abilities make different races better suited to certain class types.

Any character in a particular archetype can fill a certain role in a party, but each brings something unique to the table. Each archetype has two classes available to both Good and Evil factions, along with four others that are only available to one side or the other. That makes for a total of six classes per archetype, and two classes per sub-type. The classes in EQ2 are highly specialized but very deep for those players that want to really master their class.



Berserker: Dangerous offensive fighters that prefer to face off against groups.

Guardian: A strong tank focusing on defensive abilities and party protection.


Paladin: A champion of good, paladins use holy magic to heal themselves and their allies while protecting their group.

Shadowknight: An evil crusader that uses necromancy to weaken their enemies and drain their energy.


Monk: A spiritual, virtuous unarmed warrior, the monk can self-haste and feign death.

Bruiser: Evil fighters that use their bodies to inflict pain on their targets, deflecting enemy blows.



Troubadour: A powerful buffing musical class focused on helping casters.

Dirge: This class uses the power of music to demoralize and weaken their enemies.


Ranger: A good-aligned stealthy bow-user.

Assassin: An evil, sneaky class that uses poisoned melee weapons to cut down their enemies using the element of surprise.


Swashbuckler: A heroic character that uses light weapons to debilitate their enemy, slipping in and out of the shadows.

Brigand: An unpredictable evil class that uses cheap shots to win an advantage over their targets.


DruidsFury: A balanced class that can heal, damage enemies and buff allies.

Warden: A healing class focused on regenerative magic and shapeshifting.


Templar: A powerful healing class available to good characters that buffs the defensive attributes of their allies.

Inquisitor: An evil healer with strong offensive spells.


Mystic: A good shaman specialized in protective wards, healing and debuffing their foes.

Defiler: The evil flipside of the mystic, they use diseases to cripple their enemies while healing their friends.



Wizard: Masters of single target elemental damage.

Warlock: A strong area of effect class that uses powerful poison and disease magic.


Conjurer: A good class that uses summoned elemental creatures to do their bidding.

Necromancer: A notoriously evil class that summons undead minions and drains the life force from their enemies.


Illusionist: A good class that uses illusion magic to confuse and subdue their enemies, making them a potent crowd control character.

Coercer: An evil magic user that dominates minds and wields fear as a weapon.

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