Everquest 2 - Overview Of The Fury Character Class In Everquest 2

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Angry, angry druids.

The Fury is a powerful druidic priest that focuses on calling upon the elemental power of nature to strike at their foes. While they do have healing abilities, they are mostly focused on doing direct damage to their targets. They use mostly heal over time spells and instants to get their healing done, and they can serve as the main healer of a small group - but they are far more at home slinging elemental damage from afar. They also have access to some strong Fury-only buffs, including damage shields, group damage buffs, improved power regeneration and even an in-combat resurrection that temporarily transforms an ally into a deadly treant.

As a neutral class, a Fury can be played by any race. Their primary statistic is wisdom, with agility a distant second, as it helps in their avoidance. Their Divine Providence spell allows them to open a heroic opportunity on a topic at any time. Their Feral Tenacity spell is amazingly useful, as it’s a buff that activates if a character takes a blow that would otherwise be fatal - once they reach zero health, it activates a heal over time and boosts their agility. This is particularly useful in raid settings to protect crucial members of the group from death. They deal cold, heat, magic and lightning elemental damage with their spells, and even have some powerful area of effect abilities. They’re particularly adept at taking down elementals, as many of their attacks do additional damage to them. Many of their spells that root their opponents also greatly reduce the fury’s threat, helping to keep them alive for longer and to reduce the pressure on the tank. They also have access to some useful utility spells like Ferocity of the Eel, which allows the group to see and breathe comfortably under water.

A skilled Fury should be comfortable switching between the roles of healer, buffer, debuffer and damage dealer. If there’s another more focused healer in the party, they can instead choose to do more damage and make sure that they keep up their debuffs and damage over time spells up on their targets. The Fury can solo very well, as they can use their root spells to keep their enemies at bay while they pelt them from afar, and heal themselves when they get into trouble. It’s a class that gives the player a lot of freedom, and is the most similar to Everquest 1’s druid, although they lack any shapeshifting ability.

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