Everquest 2 - Overview Of The Monk Character Class In Everquest 2

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All your roundhouse kick dreams will come true.

The monk is a strong unarmed brawler that specializes in melee damage, avoidance and pulling. They’re good aligned, which means that they need to start in either Qeynos or Kelethin. Monks wear leather armor, and their most important statistic is agility. Unlike in Everquest 1, the EQ2 monk can be played by any race. Depending on what stance the monk selects, they can act as either a tank or a damage dealer, adding to their versatility. While they aren’t as effective at taking damage as the berserker or guardian, they can still perform adequately in a group, or change stance to pick up a stray monster in the midst of battle if an offtank suddenly becomes needed.

Monks have a number of powerful focus abilities that enable them to buff their statistics and attack rate before battle. No monk should enter into a fight without first preparing themselves. Some focuses, like Everburning Fire, gradually drain health from the monk in return for increased attack ability, making it only really useful in a solid group with steady healing. They also have group buffs that increase both the attack speed and offensive strength of their group - skills that the monk should keep active at all times to ensure that his group is fighting at peak efficiency. Monks can also move invisibly, adding some helpful utility to the class. They also have the ability to deflect attacks in front of them as if they were using a shield.

As a monk chiefly uses his own body as a weapon, most of his skills involve various kicks and stunning martial arts moves designed to batter and debilitate his targets. They also have a number of area attacks that they can use like Cobra Circle. Skills like Power Strike do strong damage while reducing the target’s defensive ability. Some of the monk’s skills such as Freezing Fist drains the monk’s health instead of their power bar, making for a good last ditch attack if you’ve run out of energy.

The monk’s primary role is to do damage in the group. Their unique feign death ability helps them shed threat when they attract a monster’s attention, and makes them particularly useful at pulling groups, as they can pretend to be dead to reset the pull if they make a mistake. They also have a level 58 ability that actually allows them to make it seem like their entire group is dead, which can easily prevent a wipe from happening in many situations.

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