Eve Online's Khand Kingdom Faction -- It's History and Its Politics

Eve Online's Khand Kingdom Faction -- It's History and Its Politics
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An Introduction to the Khanid Kingdom in Eve Online

An outside observer may not realize that the Khanid Kingdom is not part of the Amarr Empire in the Eve Online universe. The Khanid Kingdom shares many of the attitudes of the Amarr Empire. Despite the similarities, the kingdom is an independent nation. It is more open to trade and to outsiders than the Empire it broke away from.

Faction Information


There are not many ships linked to the Khanid Kingdom faction, nor does the faction offer many other types of technology that give a pilot an edge in player versus environment or player versus player combat. Players increase their standing with this faction by working with other factions that the Khanids get a long with and running storyline missions. Rogue pilots will find plenty of ships inside the kingdom’s space that needs to be secured from its seemingly rightful owners.

Khanid Kingdom History

The Amarr Emperors use life extension procedures that allow them to have long live spans. These extended lifespan of the Amarr noble does not make him immortal, despite the bet efforts of the doctors of the Amarr Empire. The Empire choose a new ruler several centuries ago. Khandi II failed to obtain the throne and should have committed suicide. His desire to live was much stronger than his desire to follow the traditions of the empire.

Khanid II broke away from the Empire and stole two Titans. The Empire he deserted did not react initially, as the new ruler was busy trying to consolidate his rule over the portions of his empire. The enraged Amarr Navy sent a fleet to reconquer the lands held by Khanid, but it managed to recapture only a small portion of the systems controlled by the rebelling nobleman. Khanid II modeled his government after the one that he had willfully deserted. The Kingdom occupies a small portion of space near the fringes of the Empire.

Caldari State and Khanid Kingdom Alliance


The ruler of the Khanid Kingdom failed to follow Amarr tradition, but his country still upholds Amarr principles. The kingdom does not belong to the Concord, yet ships of the Concord . Despite breaking away from the empire, the kingdom retains cordial relations with its parent empire.

The ‘Yankee Traders’ of the Caldari State faction and other honest businessman working on the behalf of the Caldari saw an opportunity for extra profit when Khanid formed his nation. Traders representing the Caldari quickly came in with the goods and military support that Khanid needed to maintain power. The arrangement proved profitable for both sides and continues. The Empire can survive without outside trade; the Khanid Kingdom cannot survive without outside trade.

Khanid Kingdom Internal Politics

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The Amarr and the Khanid Kingdom have settled into an uneasy peace. The 12 systems that Khanid II owns did not take a large portion of the empire. The greatest threats to the rule of its regent come from his own family. Not all of the members of his family are happy that Khanid II removed them from the right to rule the Imperial throne. Several insurrections have occurred at the hands of close relatives to bring the Dark Amarr back to the embrace of the empire. Khanid II watches over the women and children at the royal palace. The kingdom places strict controls on what arms and armor the men of the family can own. This includes the ships that they can own.

Local rulers have less power in the Khanid Kingdom than they do in the Amarr Empire, but Khanid II does not have complete control over government affairs. Interstellar space requires local rulers to have a great deal of autonomy and a person who rules 12 systems cannot be aware of all that goes on within his domain.

Player Characters

Eve Online player characters can choose to have their pilots represent the Dark Amarr from the Khanid Kindgom, but these characters are still considered to be Amarr pilots for gameplay purposes. They use the same ships and skills that Amarr pilots do.. The differences between the two are the stats you start out with, and of course, the possibility that the empire they broke away from may decide to take back the kingdom rather than continue its uneasy peace. A player may choose to roleplay the tension that occurs between the Empire and the Khanid Kingdom.