Building Tech Level III Cruisers in Eve Online

Building Tech Level III Cruisers in Eve Online
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An Introduction to Tech Level 3

Cruisers are designed to support fleets in most navies. When Eve Online introduced the new wormhole systems, it also introduced a new tech level for its ships. Currently only cruisers can be made at this tech level.

There are benefits and drawbacks to using these new types of ships. In order to make the higher tech cruisers. player must not only have the appropriate skills, but he must be able to access wormhole space. Cruisers do more damage than a battle ship and can tank in a pinch depending on how a pilot fits a ship. Now matter how weel fitted a ship in Eve is, a good pilot can always pull off more than a mediocre one.

How the Blueprints Work

Blueprints for tech level three cruisers are reverse engineered from relics found throughout the universe. In order to build a cruiser, a player needs components for five subsystems, the propulsion, the electronic, the defensive, the offensive and the engineering systems. You also need ore and many other raw materials, which are specified by the blueprints.

Skills Needed to Build Tech Level III Frigates

EVE Online Ship Absolution

Tech Level 3 ships require relics from wormhole space and relic found in normal space. They require the same skills to build as many of the other ships. Tech level 3 vessels, like all of the spacecraft in Eve Online, require a player to have the appropriate skills before a player can pilot the vessel. When you have the blueprints and the systems for these ships assembled, you should probably make sure you have the right skills before heading to the manufacturing bay at the nearest starbase.

These cruisers equire the appropriate racial skill in one of five areas. (Mimnatar, Amarr, Gallente and Cadari.) The required skills for tech level 3 cruisers are listed below.

  • Strategic Cruiser
  • Defensive Systems
  • Electronic Systems
  • Engineering Systems
  • Offensive Systems
  • Propulsion Systems

Ship Destruction

Amarr Armageddon

Using a tech level three cruiser has one serious drawback. A pilot loses one skill level randomly from one of the skill required to pilot the ship, according to Evelopedia. This skill loss does not occur if the player activates the self-destruct button or if he ejects from the ship before it is destroyed. As long as he has at least all of the necessary skills at level one, he maintains the ability to pilot one of the tech level 3 cruisers. Because Eve Online skills are learned in real time, rather than through in-game effort, this can cost a player several weeks of training time.

It can take a while for a player to relearn any of the skills he has at higher skill rankings, although a player can reduce the amount of time it takes him to learn new skills or relearn old ones.

Some Basic Tech III Fitting Guides

The choice of equipment will depend on the ship, a person’s play style and his choice of player faction. (A Gallente player will want a lot of drones, for example, while a Mimnatar player might go for hybrid weapons.) Certain ships also give bonus to certain types of armaments.

. Fast engines may help a pilot get away from his attackers, although a cruiser should be able to hold its own against most types of ships. It is always better to eject from a tech level 3 ship than it is to be in one when it blows up.

Determining Hard Points

Gallente Celestis

Tech Level 3 cruisers start with 3 upgrade slots. What a player does with the upgrade slots determines how many high, middle and low points the final product will have. Each ship subsystem used to build the ship has a number of slots and slot modifiers. Add all the slots and slot modifiers togehter to determine many slots of each type the final product will have.