Diablo Spells: The Diablo Sorcerer’s Spellbook - Level Four Spells

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Level 4 Spell Descriptions

The spells categorised as Level 4 spells in the Diablo PC game are the most powerful spells in the game.


Apocalypse is a spell that once cast will immediately cause damage to all monsters on the screen. The spell causes medium level, physical damage to every monster it hits, regardless of any Immunity or resistances they may have. Only other players and Golems remain unaffected to an Apocalypse spell.

The Apocalypse spell cannot be learned and can only be cast via scrolls and staves due to it’s power. As a result, due to the fact you can’t get any spell levels for Apocalypse spell, only your character level increases the minimum and maximum damage.

Diablo uses the Apocalypse spell as his secondary attack.


Blood Star (Magic)

It might look nice on screen but Blood Star has been somewhat mis-categorised as a Level 4 spell. The spell is mediocre at best due to its low damage, high mana costs plus life cost and low speed of casting. It’s relative power makes it more akin to a Level 2 spell.

Blood Star damage is increased as more spell levels and magic points are given to it. Casting the spell also costs 5 life points, which are taken from your mana if you’re using a Mana Shield.

Witches uses Blood Star as their primary - and sole -attack.

Initial Mana Cost: 25 (+ 5 life points cost)

Decrease per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 14

Blockable: Yes


Bone Spirit (Magic)

The Bone Spirit spell is capable of causing damage up to 1/3 of a target’s life points and thus is one of the game’s most potent damage-dealing spells.

Monsters can have resistance and even immunity against Bone Spirit, however, which restricts its use somewhat leading to the spell being overlooked by many players.

Spell levels only affect the mana cost of the spell and no additional spell levels are needed once the spell reaches level 12. This is when the minimum casting cost of 12 mana is reached.

Bone Spirit also requires the expenditure of 6 life points to cast, which is taken from your mana if you use Mana Shield.

Initial Mana Cost: 24

Decrease per Spell Level: 1

Minimum Mana Cost: 12

Blockable: Yes



Golems are typically the companions of Sorcerers, which are summoned to help Sorcerers against hard melee opponents. However, Rogues also use Golems occasionally.

Once summoned, a Golem will follow their creator and will immediately attack any approaching monsters it encounters. However, if another Golem is present, it will become the primary target for the caster’s Golem – regardless of the presence of any other monster.

Only one Golem can be summoned at any given time; any existing Golems will be destroyed if you attempt to create a new one. You also get normal experience for any monster he kills.

Spell levels increase both the minimum and maximum damage that the Golem can inflict, as well as increasing hit points and % to hit. Higher character levels will also give your golem a greater chance to hit, while your maximum mana score affects the Golem’s maximum hit points.

Initial Mana Cost: 100

Decrease per Skill Level: 6

Minimum Mana Cost: 60


Nova (Lightning)

Like other spells in the Lightning category, Nova involves the casting of lightning bolts against enemies.

On this occasion, with Nova, the lightning bolts are cast in a full circle from the caster and deals very high levels of lightning-based damage to any opponent struck. However, as the bolts move further away from the caster, the spread of the spell decreases and so creates several gaps making the spell ineffective at range. However, Nova is particularly effective at close range attacks.

Nova spells can only appear on scrolls and staves



As the name suggests, the Teleport spell allows characters to travel anywhere within the screen and has proved to be a great method of escape, stealth and fast travel.

Additional levels added to the spell causes the mana cost to be decreased by 3 mana per level until spell level 7 whereby the minimum cost of 15 mana is reached, making any additional levels beyond this redundant.

Initial Mana Cost: 35

Decrease per Skill Level: 3

Minimum Mana Cost: 15

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