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It’s A Kind Of Magic…

The ability to use Magic in Diablo is integral to the game, and each of the characters can use spells to varying degrees. Warriors are poor with magic, but when armed to the teeth, they don’t really need a lot of magic except to perhaps heal after battle when potions are low. Rogues’ use of magic sits somewhere in between that of the Warrior and Sorcerer, who, as you might expect is the most powerful of the characters when it comes to spells.

Spells in Diablo can be cast in any one of three different methods: via scroll, via spellbook and via staves. Scrolls are one-shot spells; use them and they’re gone, whereas with books, once they’ve been ‘read’ the spell is learned and can be used throughout the game. Spells cast from staves are subject to the number of charges the stave holds, but Adria can recharge these for further use – for a fee. Alternatively, Sorcerers can also recharge staves, but the maximum number of charges the item can hold is reduced each time. In later levels, it is better to pay Adria’s fee than recharge them yourself.

In Diablo, spells are grouped into four ‘levels’ and each spell can be learned multiple times to increase the power of the spell. To successfully be able to cast spells at higher levels, your character needs both a high Magic stat value and high reserves of Mana. By having a higher Magic attribute, you in turn have more Mana with which to cast more spells. Mana is only used when spellcasting, but the Magic attribute affects other issues as well. For example, you need a high Magic stat value to be able to read and learn the different spellbooks found in the game. The Magic stat also affects the minimum and maximum level of quite a few spells in the game.

There are three different types of spells in Diablo, each from their own realm of elemental power. The three elements of spells are lightning, fire and magic. However, the realm doesn’t affect the actual powers of the spells, but it does determine how effective they are, as monsters can be resistant - or even completely immune - to one or all of the different types of Magic. Therefore, it is essential that you are familiar with each of the types of spell and monsters’ resistances if you wish to truly prevail with Magic in Diablo.

Altogether, there are 28 spells in the Diablo character spellbook; some are offensive spells, others are defensive while others still could be sedentary spells, which merely provide some function to the character.

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