Diablo Spells: Overview of Level 3 Spells in Diablo for Sorcerers and Other Characters

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Level 3 Spells - Descriptions

The spells categorised as Level 3 spells in the Diablo PC game are some of the most potent and useful spells in the game.

Chain Lightning (Lightning)

Chain Lightning is one of the most often used offensive spells in the game, and it is with very good reason.

The Chain Lightning spell is a more powerful version of the Lightning spell and its effect on non-lightning resistant monsters is immense. When Chain Lightning is cast, the spell conjures several individual lightning bolts which are automatically targeted towards every monster within the detection range of the spell, as well as an additional bolt towards your target.

The spell performs in the same fashion as Lightning in all other aspects and can be deadly at high levels. As the character gains more levels in the spell, the monster detection range and the maximum damage is increased.

Initial Mana Cost: 30 Decrease per Spell Level: 1 Minimum Mana Cost: 18 Blockable: No


Elemental (Fire)

This spell causes the summoning of a fierce Fire Elemental, which will automatically run towards and attack the first opponent it notices, in the direction where you targeted the spell.

Once the Elemental strikes, it behaves in much the same way as the Fireball spell, dealing additional splash damage into adjacent squares around the target. The damage inflicted, however, is nowhere near as potent as that of a Fireball and the spell has a high mana cost to use.

For these reasons it’s often best to use Fireball instead, with the exception being where there is no line of sight. In these cases, using an Elemental spell can be useful due to its ability to be targeted towards areas that cannot be seen.

Initial Mana Cost: 35

Decrease per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 20

Blockable: Yes


Fireball (Fire)

For all character classes, the importance of Fireball as a offensive cannot be understated. It is without doubt the most often used spell in Diablo - capable of delivering massive amounts of damage to several opponents at once.

In the game, there are only a handful of monsters which can resist the effects of multiple Fireballs, making it one of the premier spells in the game.

Like the Elemental spell, Fireball is capable of delivering splash damage to all adjacent squares next to the target; but unlike the Elemental spell, splash damage is equal to the damage of the Fireball itself, so take care if using Fireball in multiplayer games!

With higher spell levels, the Fireballs fly faster and deal a higher amount of minimum and maximum damage. Your character level also increases the damage.

Fireball is the primary attack of Advocates.

Initial Mana Cost: 16 Decrease per Spell Level: 1 Minimum Mana Cost: 10 Blockable: Yes


Flame Wave (Fire)

Another Level 3 fire-based spell and a spell which can be difficult to utilise effectively. The spell has a high mana cost and deals only moderate damage.

When cast, Flame Wave sends forth a tidal wave of flame which burn all enemies caught within the wave. The downside to this spell is that it is ranged and cannot be cast nearby to the character, so any enemies that are inside the casting range of Flame Wave will not be affected.

At higher spell levels, the number of waves created is increased and character level also increases the minimum and maximum damage.

Initial Mana Cost: 35

Decrease per Spell Level: 3

Minimum Mana Cost: 20

Blockable: Yes


Guardian (Fire)

Casting a Guardian spell involves invoking a three headed guardian dragon which will be created on the targeted area of the floor. The dragon will shoot firebolts against any monster it detects and the spell level of your Firebolt spell determines the damage and speed of the bolts. Any monsters killed by the Guardian awards normal experience points.

Guardians cannot distinguish between monsters which have, or do not have immunities or resistances and will attack the nearest target, regardless of whether it does damage or not. They can also detect hidden or invisible monsters, making it impossible for a character to be surprised-attacked if a Guardian has been cast nearby.

With additional spell levels, the duration that the Guardian remains increases, up to a maximum of 24 seconds.

Initial Mana Cost: 50

Decrease per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 30

Blockable: Yes


Mana Shield

Mana Shield has saved the life of many sorcerers and rogues in Diablo. Mana Shield defends the character from all damage received by reducing the total damage from mana instead of life, but also reduces the total damage inflicted by 33%.

The shield will last until mana reaches 0 or the character leaves the dungeon level.

Sorcerers often use mana Shield since they can have much higher maximum mana points than life points, but Rogues also use the spell due to the damage reduction and it’s other benefits. Warriors often have insufficient maximum mana points for the shield to have any real effect although the damage reduction should never be underestimated even if it’s of a relatively short duration.

Initial Mana Cost: 33

Decrease per Spell Level: 0

Minimum Mana Cost: 33

Don’t waste spell levels by ploughing any more than a single level into Mana Shield as the cost to cast Mana Shield never changes, so any additional spell levels given to Mana Shield will just be wasted.



The Phasing spell is unreliable and its usefulness is limited. The Phasing spell involves randomly teleporting you to a area few squares away, which as a result means you can never truly be sure of where you will end up.

Its usefulness stops and starts as a quick way to escape a losing battle, as the spell doesn’t require targeting which makes it easier to use than either Town Portal or Teleport. Mages use Phasing as a way of movement.

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