Diablo Spells: Overview of Level 2 Spells in Diablo for Sorcerers and Other Characters.

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Level 2 Spell Descriptions

Level 2 spells in Diablo, while more powerful than Level 1 spells often make up the majority of many sorcerers’ arsenals. While relatively average to begin with, these spells can become some of the more devastating spells in the Diablo game if managed correctly.

Here are descriptions of the spells which fall into the Level 2 bracket.

Fire Wall (Fire)

Despite its Level 2 tag, the Fire Wall spell is perhaps one of the most devastating fire based spells in the game. This spell is capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage very quickly inside a reasonably large area,

Fire Wall is an ideal choice when fighting against several opponents at once and is particularly effective when used in small corridors or enclosed spaces such as rooms. However, since monsters tend to pass the Fire Wall rather than just walk over it, placement of the spell is important for it to be effective. As a result, the catacombs levels often have an ideal configuration to use this spell when compared to the more open areas of other levels.

While the minimum and maximum damage of the spell increases as your character gains experience levels, the actual spell level only affects the duration and mana cost of casting the spell. However, the higher duration of a high level Fire Wall means that while often monsters will get killed by the flames relatively quickly, the Fire Wall may continue to burn for quite some time afterwards.

Initial Mana Cost: 28

Decrease per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 16

Blockable: No

Flash (Magic)

The Flash spell is best used when the Sorcerer is being swamped by monsters and is fairly effective against several non-magic-resistance or immune enemies. The spell is much less effective against individual monsters though.

Flash is a targeted spell and is composed of two different elements. The first element strikes in front and to the side of your character; the second strikes behind you, so a good aim is necessary to get the most effect from the spell. However, Flash also has a fairly high mana cost which isn’t reflected in the amount of damage the spell delivers and is best ignored.

Flash is a secondary attack of enemy Mages.

Initial Mana Cost: 30

Decrease per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 16

Blockable: No


Identify is often considered to be a level 2 spell, but you won’t find any Books of Identify lying around the dungeons.

Identify is only available on scrolls, and is really only useful for low level characters who may not have the gold resources to have items identified by Cain. At higher levels, players will likely have more than enough gold resources to be able to have Cain identify anything they find.

Scrolls of Identify can be found around the dungeons and can also be bought from Adria for the same price as Cain charges to identify items – 100gp.


Infravision, like Identify, doesn’t appear in the spell book, but is classed as a level 2 spell. Infravision is a scroll spell but can also be cast from the Murky Pool shrines which can be found around the dungeons.

Infravision allows characters to see hidden monsters - and even other players - outside the character’s light radius and line of sight. When cast, monsters are shown with a red outline and the spell is often used to avoid large groups of monsters or high-powered monsters as they can be seen from distance.

Infravision is also used by many Rogues and Sorcerers to target monsters that are otherwise outside their light radius. A character’s light radius alerts the monster to the character’s presence, so by using Infravision, characters can kill enemies from a safe distance with pells or missile weapons


Lightning is a reasonably powerful spell and deals a level of moderate damage against several opponents at once.

Lightning is often used by mid-level characters as it’s easier to target than the stronger version of the spell - Chain Lightning. When cast, a single bolt of lightning is thrown in the targeted direction and will travel forward until it strikes either a solid dungeon object, such as wall or once its reaches its maximum range. Any monsters – and characters – caught in the path will be deat lightning.

Although the damage dealt isn’t that high, the mana cost associated with Lightning is reasonably low when compared to the effectiveness of the spell. Maximum spell damage increases as the character gains levels, although the minimum damage remains constant.

Initial Mana Cost: 10

Decrease Per Spell Level: 1

Minimum Mana Cost: 6

Blockable: No


The Resurrect spell is used in Multiplayer games to bring dead companions back to life. It is one of the most useful spells to use in co-operative multi player games but only appears in staves and scrolls and never in books, meaning that it cannot be learned.

Pepin carries a never-ending supply of Resurrect Scrolls which he sells for 250gp each and players should ensure they are armed with a few when engaging in multiplayer Diablo games

Stone Curse

Stone Curse is the most important tactical spell in the game. It is probably the one spell which every character should have in their spell repertoire. Only Diablo himself is immune to Stone Curse – any other foe can be defeated relatively easily with a well-timed use of Stone Curse.

When Stone Cursed, monsters lose their entire armor class making them much easier to strike and deal damage and you can hit them easily without any additional buff to hit.

As Stone Curse level increases, the mana cost is decreased and the duration of the curse will increase, up to the maximum of 12 seconds at spell level 9. Any additional spell levels over this become worthless as the mana cost cannot be decreased any further at that point.

Initial Mana Cost: 60

Decrease Per Spell Level: 3

Minimum Mana Cost: 40

Blockable: No


The Telekinesis spell allows you to pick up, open or use items, chests, bookcases, doors, levers etc. from distance. When used against monsters, it has the same effect as using an items imbued with knockback-ability, but without any weapon damage.

Any monster affected by Stone Curse will be released from the spell if Telekinesis is used against them. However, it is an ideal spell to use in order to pick up or use items in dangerous areas such as rooms filled with monsters or where targets are inside a Fire Wall.

Initial Mana Cost: 15

Decrease Per Spell Level: 2

Minimum Mana Cost: 8

Blockable: No

Town Portal

One of the most under-rated spells in Diablo, Town Portal is much more than a simple back-to-town get-out for lazy characters or those who encounter powerful monsters.

While it does provide a quick route between the Town and the dungeons, Town Portal can be used in other ways too. Town Portals can be especially useful in characters recovering their gear after being killed by first casting the Town Portal beside your equipment and then luring the monsters to another part of the dungeon before returning to claim your gear. Once killed, your character will respawn in town but the Town Portal will still be active – enter it and reclaim your gear. Simple.

Characters should always carry a scroll of Town Portal with you, just in case your character is running low on mana. They can be bought from Adria the Witch for 200gp each and can also be learned from books and cast via staves.

Once learned, additional spell levels are useful only to decrease the mana cost to cast the spell. Any additional spell levels after level 6 - when the minimum cost has been reached - are useless due to this

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