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Diablo 2 Item Guide: Unique Assassin Items

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the Unique Assassin Items in the Blizzard game Diablo 2.

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    If you are playing an Assassin in Blizzard's hack and slash Diablo 2, you know that getting these unique items that are designed for you are just the feather in the cap that you need to show off your character. These are all unique weapons designed only for the Assassin class.

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    Unique Assassin Items

    Shadow Killer

    Shadow Killer is a Battle cestus with a damage of 145-172 to 170-201 (with an average of 157.5-186.5 damage) and a required level of 78. It also requires 100 in strength and 100 in dexterity to use. It is a Ladder only item. Its special buffs are ethereal AND indestructible, 33% chance to cast a level 8 frost nova on striking, +10-15 to mana after each kill, freezes target +2, -25% target defense, and +170-220% enhanced defense.

    Bartuc's Cut-Throat

    Bartuc's Cut-Throat is a Greater talons with a damage of 77-88 to 137-155 (with an average of 107-121.5 damage) and a required level of 42. It also requires 79 in strength and 79 in dexterity to use. Its special buffs are +1 to martial arts skills, +2 to assassin skills, +20 to strength, +20 to dexterity, 5-9% life stolen per hit, 20% bonus to attack rating, adds 25-50 damage, 30% faster hit damage, and +150-200% enhanced damage.

    Jade Talon

    Jade Talon is a Wrist sword with a damage of 98-115 to 130-153 (with an average of 114-134 damage) and a required level of 66. It also requires 105 in strength and 105 in dexterity to use. Its special buffs are all resistances +40-50, 10-15% mana stolen per hit, +30% faster hit recovery, +1-2 to shadow disciplines, +1-2 to martial arts, and +190-240% enhanced damage.

    Firelizard's Talons

    Firelizard's Talons is a Feral claws with a damage of 66-81 to 159-196 (with an average of 112.5-138.5 damage) and a required level of 67. It also requires 113 strength and 113 dexterity to use. Its special buffs are +200-270% enhanced damage, adds 236-480 fire damage, +15% increased attack speed, +1-3 martial arts, +1-2 to wake of fire, +1-2 to wake of inferno, and +40-70% fire resist.