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Exceptional Unique Crossbows in Diablo 2

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the exceptional unique crossbows in the Blizzard game Diablo 2.

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    Exceptional unique items are some of the most highly sought after items in the game. If you are seeking the best items for your character, here are some to consider.

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    Exceptional Unique Crossbows

    Langer Briser

    Langer Briser is an Arbalest with a damage of 40.5-45 to 85.6-114 (with an average of 63.05-79.5 damage) and a level requirement of 32. It requires 52 strength and a dexterity of 61. Its special buffs are +170-200% enhanced damage, +10-30 maximum damage, 33% chance of open wounds, adds 1-212 lightning damage, +30 to life, knockback, and 30-60% better chance of getting magic items.

    Pus Spitter

    Pus Spitter is a Siege Crossbow with a damage of 52.5-67.2 to 107.5-137.6 (with an average of 80-104.4 damage) and a level requirement of 36. It requires 32 strength and a 28 in dexterity. Its special buffs are +25% to poison resist, 10% to maximum poison resist, +2 to Necromancer skill levels, 10% increased attack speed, +150-220% enhanced damage, +150 poison damage over 8 seconds, requirements lessened -60%, 9% chance to cast level 6 poison nova when struck, 4% chance to cast level 1 lower resist on striking, and +5-495 to attack rating (5 for every character level).

    Buriza-Do Kyanon

    Buriza-Do Kyanon is a Ballista with a damage of 85-102 to 142.5-415.5 (with an average of 113.75-258.75 damage) and a level requirement of 41. It requires 110 strength and 80 in dexterity. Its special buffs are 80% increased attack speed, +35 to dexterity, +75-150 defense, freezes target +3, piercing attack (100), adds 32-196 to cold damage (for four seconds), +2.5-247.5 to maximum damage (2.5 for every character level), and +150-200% enhanced damage.

    Demon Machine

    Demon Machine is a Chu-Ko-Nu with a damage o f 33-139 (with an average of 86 damage) and a level requirement of 49. It requires 80 strength and 95 dexterity. Its special buffs are +36 to mana, +321 to defense, piercing attack (66), +632 to attack rating, fires explosive arrows or bolts, +66 to maximum damage, and +123% enhanced damage.