Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough – Derelict Row

A Way Inside

A Hard to Reach Fire Escape

You will probably have two objectives to do here, if you picked up the Cloak and Dagger side quest. It's literally right in your path though.

There are only a few ways in. The front door will turn ugly quickly, so be careful about picking that route.

If you have a jump upgrade, you should be able to climb the fire escape in the alley right beside the main entrance. If you go through the building, you'll see a jumping off point that will let you either drop down safely (only with the jump augmentation, Icarus landing system, or possibly a little luck) or jump across to the fire escape (with a jump augmentation). If you're good at platforming, you can also walk along the pipe and air conditioners to get there. This will put you a bit behind the main entrance.

The second quieter choice is to look in the alley to the far left. If you have the strength augmentation to carry heavy objects, you can move the crates out of your way. It's easy to just tranquilize both guards. Hit the main guard, wait by the crates, and then shoot the second when he walks over to investigate. You can take this path to reach the same area that you'd drop onto.

There should also be sewer paths too, if you're comfortable with that.

The Route into Derelict Row

Taking Out the Guards in Derelict Row

Regardless, it's actually fairly difficult to get inside without behind spotted. Note that if you're doing this for Cloak and Dagger, the requirement for not being spotted isn't that brutal. Basically, things just can't go hostile. If they get a glimpse of you, but don't actually open fire or raise an alarm, then you're fine. You'll also get a quest note on the screen that you failed the objective, if you're spotted. If you don't get it, then don't worry.

Whether you shoot your way in the front, or sneak in behind the front barricade, you'll have two options to move to the concrete building that's in your way. The best landmark that I can give is the fire escape by a burned out car and some pipes on the ground. This is where you'll come out on the stealth path, and where you should go if you come in by any other route. If you can punch through walls, go up the fire escape to find a raised entrance to the building.

Otherwise, you'll need to find a way to take out the three guards at the crossroads. I was able to just peek out a bit and get spotted by the single guard facing into the alley. Then, I hide in the pipes and waited for him to approach, which led to a very quick stun gun shot. Move through the pipes and fry the one waiting just outside it, and then cut to the right to quickly fry the final guard at this crossroads. You're fairly secure for a moment. Move to the left and swing around quickly to reach the door into the main building.

Listen to Pritchard, and hop over to reach a guard that's facing away from you. He should be easy to takedown. Walk down and move up along the barricades to reach the two guards at the little post. It shouldn't be too difficult to run up and stun the far one, then do a takedown on the closest. They shouldn't raise an alarm.

Go under the raised door to reach the next area.

Derelict Row

Evading Guards on Derelict Row

You should be able to just follow the left side here. The shipping containers will provide great cover. Knock out the lone guard and drag him behind the barriers. Stick to the left of the crates and stay low, then listen to the two guards. After they split up, you should be able to just follow one over behind the shipping crates for a takedown. Watch for a second guard that may wander over on a patrol too, and take him out to secure things a bit.

Move over to the marked building. There should be a small hole or entrance to get below the building, which you need to take if you're looking to confirm the illegal weapons shipment. Just wander over to the hole and drop down to find a bunch of guns and a government crate. Look at the crate to finish the secondary objective for Jenny.

You should be able to just walk on over to the next section and go through a door to reach a lightly guarded area. Take out the lone patrolling guard, and slip behind the two that are trying to watch TV. You can ignore them. Climb the ladder to reach the upper level.

The Radio Transmitter Guard

There are a bunch of mines up here, but they're just flash mines. You can try to approach them slowly, or just set them off yourself or with a thrown box. If you fall back, nothing really bad happens. The two nearest guards will just panic and be on alert for a short time. You should be able to just wait for them to walk away, and chain up two takedowns.

Walk along the roof and hack the level 1 keypad on the transmitter to shut it down and let Pritchard fix the backdoor in the security. As they'll note, it's time for the raid. Faridah will land the company helicopter on the helipad behind you. Just walk up and use it if you're ready to go to the abandoned factory. You will be coming back to Detroit aftewards, and there's a merchant at the helipad there, so there's literally no reason to not leave.


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