Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Hengsha and the Hive

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Hengsha and the Hive
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A Short Walk

Your first mission will take you to the Hengsha Courts. You start off at a nearby hotel of somewhat ill repute. You can explore it now, if you want, but I don’t know that there’s any real rush or reason to start just yet.

For the main mission, just walk down the road and move into the tunnel that leads to the next district. If you keep walking past the gangsters, you’ll run right into a ton of Belltower mercenaries guarding a barricade and sealing off the entire complex for a mission. This means that we need to get inside.

The Hengsha Courts

The Rooftop Path

There are three ways to enter.

Kill Everyone: As always, it is somewhat possible to fight your way in through the front door. That’s just going to take grenades, good augmentations and luck.

The Vent: There’s a vent to the right side. If you sneak into it, you can go inside and then quickly sneak up the right side of the area to get right past the main group at the front. There will be two more guards in back. If you just wait by the crates at the top, you should be able to either take them down or sneak through the doors. It’s then a fairly straight shot to the elevator. This isn’t the best path though.

The Rooftops: The best path, in all regards, is to go on the rooftop. Walk to the left of the barricade and climb the ladders, then jump up until you’re on the roof of the building. You’ll hear a few nearby guards talking, but we aren’t going to bother them. Hack the level 1 lock on the door and go through the building to reach a vent that will take you into the elevator shaft of the building.

Before you do anything, climb down the elevator shaft until you reach the bottom. There’s a Praxis Kit lying there, so pick it up. Then climb up until you reach the top. The elevator will come up. Just ignore it. Our goal is the vent right next to it. You’ll come out in the penthouse level.

The Penthouse

The Hidden Vent

This is actually a fairly straightforward area.

You can go around to the left and reach the front of the penthouse apartment that you need. There are two guards on the path. If you go to the corner, you can trigger their conversation and then fall back to the little alcove. Wait for the guard to come around and do an easy takedown. Hopefully his partner won’t hear. If he does, just charge him and take him down. The door is around the corner.

The other path, if you have a strength augmentation, is to move the vending machine by the elevator. This will reveal a vent that goes into a room behind the kitchen in the apartment.

Regardless of how you get in, you just need to slip through the big hole in the wall and examine the computer. There are three guards inside. Watch the one moving guard and wait for him to go into the kitchen. You can then do a takedown on him without alerting his friends. If you want, you can then sneak up to each of the men by the window and use a stun gun or takedown to clear the room.

Once you’re inside the hacker hideout in the wall, you can grab some software off of the desk. The computer is all yours, so get inside to find out his full name and get a lead on where he’s hiding.

It’s time to go to the Hive.

Finding Tong in the Hive

Tong at the Bar in the Hive

The Hive is a fairly simple little puzzle. You can get to it by going back to the previous district and looking for the big club.

There are three real ways inside. You can just pay the 1000 credits, although that’s a little wasteful. You can also steal someone’s membership pass from a room inside the hotel that you landed on.

The best way in is to just sneak inside though. If you listen to a few patrons outside, one will mention a way to sneak into the Hive through a hidden back entrance. If you walk around to the back of the Hive, by going through the alley to the left, you can find a few boxes on top of a dumpster. If you move the boxes, you can jump onto the dumpster and then open the vent to get into the club. You’ll come out of the vent in the bathroom.

Your objective for now is to just talk with Tong. In case you don’t pick up on the clues, he’s pretending to just be the manager of the club. Find the marker at the bar and talk to him. If you have the social module, you will get a chance to use your pheromones to convince him (along with pointing out that he’s hiding well, but that his bodyguard isn’t).

If you don’t have the module, just use “Pinpoint, Advise, Pinpoint” to talk him into having a real meeting with you. He’ll open the door in the basement and meet you in his office.

If you can’t convince him, then you’ll have to get into the office by hacking the terminal or taking out a guard for some codes. I suggest that you just persuade him though. It’s much easier.

Meeting the Hacker

Alice Garden Pods

Regardless, Tong will be fairly open. He’ll hand over Van Bruggen’s current whereabouts, with the promise that you won’t kill him.

Alice Gardens is a pod apartment system in a district to the east. Just take the walk down the back alleys and follow the markers to find it. You can also look for the street signs. It should be listed on all major signs.

Getting inside is fairly easy for once. The only truly remarkable thing is a safe that you can hack in the manager’s office for 1000 credits. There are also a bunch of credit chips and random pieces of loot in the different pods.

When you go into the main court, Faridah will run into you. You should be able to convince her to open up about her quest with a “Tease” command. That’s a separate article though. While you’re here, you should check the bed that she mentioned.

There’s also a merchant over in a closet off of the main court. He has a few decent mods and some ammo.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind though. NOTE: If you already have a Tai Yong access card, talking to the hacker (Van Bruggen) will trigger a massive battle and a hostile takeover of the Alice Pods building. If there is anything that you want to do inside (shop for guns or find pod 009 for Faridah’s quest) you need to do it now. I also suggest that you get a 10mm throwaway gun before you talk to him. More on that later though.

Once you talk to the hacker, he’ll happily cooperate and promise to make you a working access code as long as you can bring him the keycard to get into the Tai Yong building.

Stealing a Keycard

The Hacker - Van Bruggen

To get him the keycard, you’ll need to find an off-duty guard. Logic dictates that a brothel is a good way to start.

I assume that you’ve been to the Hung Hua Hotel already (it’s where you first landed), but if not, just go in the front door and climb to the fourth level. There is a guard from Tai Yong in the third room. You can either hack the keypad or just go through Mei’s room and onto the balcony. Once on the balcony, you can then jump the dividers to reach the room on the end.

The guard is in the bathroom with a girl, but there is a window in the shower, so you need to stay low and to the right side. Just move up to the bed and grab the pass off of the bench.

Take it back to Van Bruggen to set off one very big assault at Alice Gardens.


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