Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Shanghai Justice

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Shanghai Justice
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Faridah’s Mission

When you go to find the hacker in Alice Gardens, you will run right into Faridah as she’s leaving. If you use the pheromones or just pick the “Tease” option, she will open up and explain that a friend of hers was probably murdered. You can get a little more information out of her, and then head on up to the 009 pod unit.

Inside, you’ll find a pocket secretary with the police report on it and a newspaper article detailing her death as an accident. It’s actually a good idea to read these, since you’ll need the information inside later in the case. It’ll help out a bit to have a good understanding early.

Anonymous X

Once you have the information, find your way back to the main street and go to the LIMB clinic. Your contact, Anonymous X, will be working the main queue to the right (not your personal contact to the left).

If you talk to him, you should see an option to talk about “life and death” which will let you proceed with the meeting using your passphrase. Walk back out and go down the side street to talk to him. After a brief exchange, he’ll hand over the real autopsy report. He’ll ask for 1,000 credits too. You don’t have to pay him if you don’t want to, but if you’re doing side quests you should have credits to spare. It’s more a of roleplaying decision than anything.

You need to actually read the autopsy report in order to advance the quest. Pull up your media file log and read through the report quickly to trigger an exchange with Faridah. Once you finish, she’ll direct you to Lee’s apartment.

Checking Lee’s Apartment

The Antique Clock is the Most Important Piece of Evidence in Lee’s Apartment

It’s in the western district of the town, on a series of rooftops near the entrance. Just go up a set of indoor stairs or look for a ladder to get up to the roof. Note: You will need to be able to hack a level three keypad. There is no other way inside.

Once you’re in, you’ll need to look for him. Go through and open all the doors to note that he isn’t home yet. Thankfully, there’s a blinking answering machine next to the bed. Listen to his answering machine message to find that Lee has already left to go to the Hive. That should open up the investigation stage, now that you know you’ll have a little privacy.

There are three pieces of evidence that you need for the case. Start by going back to the front door. There’s a baseball bat in the corner. Examine it to note that it’s not really related to the crime. Walk back to the bedroom to hack into the computer. Once you get on it, you can read a few emails to find out a bit about his motive and his father’s dealings with LIMB. The last piece of evidence in Lee’s apartment is the antique clock on top of his dresser. Look at it to note the broken glass face.

Once that’s done, you’ll have everything that you need. When you’re ready, go to the Hive.

Finding Lee in the Hive

Lee in the Hive

Go to the Hive and walk up to the upstairs area looking over the main dance floor and bar. Lee will be sitting by himself on a couch to the right of the stairs as you come up. Just talk to him to start up a conversation and begin your fake blackmail attempt.

You’ll need to prove that you actually know about the crime, so it’s time for a test. Just to be clear, the police report was pointless because it was inconclusive. Lee clearly lied in the report because he said Evelyn was drunk. He used the antique clock to kill her, and his motive was that she was pregnant and his parents were going to disown him. Lee was only able to get away with it because of his father’s holdings in LIMB, which gave him the influence to bury the report.

Once you finish this little shakedown, just take a few steps away to confirm that Faridah got the recording. After that, she has one last task. If you go to the VIP area of the bar, there’s a panel for their media screen. It’s a level three lock, and you need to hack it. The guard won’t be looking this way, so just hack it and shut down the normal media control system so that Faridah can hijack the screen.

After that, just walk outside and hit the marker to trigger her hack. It looks like she’ll get a bit of justice after all. This will officially end the quest and net us the “Shanghai Justice” achievement.


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