Rotten Business - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

Rotten Business - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough
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Meeting Mei

You can pick this one up right at the start if you want. It’s a fairly straightforward quest, but it will take you to a few parts of the city once it’s all said and done. It’s a good idea to pick it up early and do it as you go through with other quests.

If you go into the Hung Hua Hotel, you will find a number of working girls in the lobby. Your main interest will be Mei though, who is on the fourth floor arguing with a manager. If you go into the open door, he’ll step out and Mei will be able to ask for some help. Once you talk to her, she’ll explain that one of the girls, Ning, has apparently been kidnapped so that the owners can force black market augmentations onto her. If your morals aren’t enough motivation, she’s also offering a fair bit of money for your aid. It’s a good side quest, so I assume that you’ll want it.

Finding Ning

If you ask her for extra leads on Ning’s location, she should direct you to a bouncer called Chuanli. He’s up on the roof, standing in a corner with a gun. He’s fairly easy to spot and you should have a marker for him too. Just walk right up and talk to him. He’s willing to sell the information to you, but he wants 2000 credits. If you have the social module, you can just use it and call it a day. He’ll pass on the information for free. For those of you without it, you’ll have to pay unless you just want to look for the hideout (I’ll include a picture below). Getting the information from Chaunli doesn’t do anything to change the quest. it just adds a waypoint on your map.

As Mei notes, you can just go around the eastern district and look for the suspicious harvesters standing guard. I’ve included a screenshot of the spot on the map where you can find them. It’s in bit of a back alley close to some stairs near the main entrance to Alice Gardens.

Mei’s Friend Ning

There are three men standing guard. You’ll need to do something to take them out. You can walk up and do takedowns if you want. You’ll take some damage, but you should be able to pull it off without dying as long as you have enough energy (it should be quite easy if you have the reflex booster augmentation). The corner provides great cover though. You can just use the corner of the alley to fire tranquilizer darts down the lane to take them all out.

Walk up and check the guards that are down. They should have the keypad code on them in a pocket secretary, so just use that or hack the keypad if you want. Ning will be waiting inside. Just talk to her and free her. There’s nothing else that you have to do. The first part of the mission is done.

Diamond Chen’s Fate

Diamond Chen

When you report the good news to Mei, she’ll give you a second job, if you want it. She wants the current owner, Diamond Chen, dead or gone. She’ll start by insisting that you stage a suicide, but if you ask her for other options, she will hand over some drugs that you can plant in the apartment.

The actual process is fairly simple. Go over to the western district and use the map to find the alley that leads to the marked apartments. It should just be to the left after you enter. You can also just look for any nearby ladder to get up a level. Chen lives on a rooftop area, so either go up a ladder or the building’s steps to find your way up top. Turn to the left to find his room and hack open the door. He should be standing right next to the door talking on his phone. As soon as you enter, he’ll pull out a silenced 10mm pistol and try to shoot you. Just rush him and use a takedown. This will successfully knock him out and not leave any evidence of foul play.

Diamond Chen’s Suicide

If you want to kill him, just grab the body and start dragging him out the door. No one should say much and there aren’t any police officers or guards on this level. Stick to the wall just in case, then move over to the marked spot. If you can get part of him to hang over, physics will take care of the rest. Once he hits the ground, you’ll be done.

If you don’t want to kill him, just look at the table in the room. You should have an option to plant the drugs on the table.

Regardless of your choice, go back to Mei and report your success. She’ll thank you and hand over 2000 credits as a reward. This will also secure you the “Rotten Business” achievement.


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