Bar Tab - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough

Bar Tab - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough
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This one will require a little bit of acrobatics to get it done, along with some basic hacking skills and potentially a lot of credits. Don’t start it up until you are at least able to hack a level 2 keypad.

You can start this one by talking to Bobby, the main bartender at the Hive. He’s behind the bar on the first floor. If you talk about Tong, you should be able to change the conversation into one about any work that they might have for you. He’ll offer up a collector’s job, which will probably be right up your alley.

The Communication Panels

To start with, we’ll need to shut down three communications towers that Belltower have set up in the neighboring district. Start by just walking over to the marker and transition over to the other area through the tunnels. When you make it to the other side, climb up the ladder to reach the rooftop level. The first terminal that you need to hack is just over to the left of the ladder. Just walk right up and shut it down. There shouldn’t be anyone around who will care, so don’t worry about being spotted.

The second terminal is just across the way. Run across the rooftop and make the short jump over to the little platform below it. Just get within range to hack it. You don’t have to be on level with it, you’ll teleport up to it to start the hack.

The third one is slightly difficult, since it’s on top of the Hengsha Courts apartment complex, which is still teeming with Belltower guards (unless you cleared one very big path when you went through the first time). Cross the rooftops and make it to the marker, but watch out for a guard that’s walking around the air conditioners near the terminal. You should have no trouble doing a takedown on him if you use the air conditioners, which will let you hack in peace.

Once that’s shut down, Bobby will triangulate the signal and confirm that she’s in one of the apartments here.

Jaya’s Debt


It looks like it’s time to sneak back into the apartment complex. As I noted in the previous guide for Hengsha Courts, the ideal way is to just sneak up the elevator shaft. You’re actually right next to it after hacking the terminal, so just look for the door with the keypad up here. Go inside and use the vents to get into the elevator shaft, and then work your way up to get into the penthouse level.

There are no guards in this hallway (if they’re still alive they’re around the corner), so just walk to the right and open the apartment door to find Jaya inside. As you may have expected, you have an option to help her. If you talk to her, she’ll explain that they aren’t asking for money on a loan, but instead, they want permanent extortion. There are a few ways for you to help handle her debt.

The Outcomes

Getting the Credits from Jaya

If you have the social module, you can use your pheromones and Appease to convince her that she has to give you something to work with. You can then ask for the credits that they want, or the memory chip that she’s using.

If you don’t have the module and don’t want to help her, then just use the stun module to knock her out and steal the credits off of her. She won’t turn anything over through intimidation.

If you agree to help here, then you need to go back to Bobby. He’ll cut a deal to leave her alone, but only if you pay 5000 credits to him. You should be able to gather this up by robbing a few office safes, selling weapons and completing other quests.

The breakdown of this is a little complicated. If you hand over her monthly payment, regardless of how you get it, Bobby will thank you and give you a Praxis Kit.

Bobby - The Hive Bartender

If you try to hand in the memory chip, he won’t be that happy that you removed all of his leverage on her, so you won’t receive anything. This isn’t much of a conclusion.

If you pay her debt off, then he’ll still give you your reward. 5000 for an achievement and a Praxis Kit isn’t bad, but it doesn’t help you down the line either. There are no material benefits to saving Jaya in this way.

Once you’ve taken care of it, in whichever way that you chose, the quest will wrap up and give you the “Bar Tab” achievement and potentially “Guardian Angel.”


  • All information and screenshots from Deus Ex: Human Revolution