Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Cloak and Dagger

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Cloak and Dagger
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Finding Jenny Alexander

This is a bit of a long mission, and a fairly well hidden one. You need to talk to an old friend of Jensen, Detective Jenny Alexander. The only tip you’ll get for this is to look for her on the road by your apartment. Pritchard should patch the note through after you go to the police station. The only other clear hint is an email on her computer in the police station, which has a note on it pointing out that she’s currently undercover as a prostitute.

So, with that in mind, walk along the road by your apartment until you get to the main entrance to Derelict Row. This is the spot where you’ll see a few gang members guarding a barricade, insisting that you leave. Directly opposite of them, look for the women in a silver and red outfit. When you put the aiming reticule over her, you’ll see Jenny’s name pop up. Talk to her to get an opportunity for a new mission.

If you agree to help her with an investigation into a corrupt officer, you’ll get a few objectives. As she notes, you’ll need to sneak into Derelict Row to confirm that he sold some weapons to them. You literally walk past right this stash during the main quest, so don’t worry about that.

A Little Footwork

Detective O’Malley

The other two will require a bit of work though. Let’s start out by talking to O’Malley. He’s the one that has the information we need anyway.

Once again, you’ll need to get into the back alley of the police station. That means either jumping the fence with a leg augmentation, crossing the electrified water in the side alley (using either a skin aug or two boxes to make a bridge), using a sewer entrance or just going out the vent on the third floor of the police station to come out on the fire escape. For more information, look up the main quest to get into the police station.

Regardless, get back there and talk to him. With a little bit of prying, he’ll give you a marker for the weapons stash in Derelict Row, the location of the murder weapon and the location of the witness that you need to secure. If you have the social module, you can use the charm option to persuade him to hand over 500 credits as a down payment for the hit.

O’Malley’s Apartment

The Code for O’Malley’s Secret Room

I actually think that you should probably wait until the last moment to get the murder weapon. It seems to get a bit buggy if you use it or take it out of the area, which we will later (if you’re taking my advice).

A good first step is to go ahead and check out his apartment, which is marked on your map. It’s in the same building in which you’ll find Tindall’s apartment for Lesser Evils. The security gate outside can be hacked with level 2 augmentation (or the code 0002, if you want to cheat), or you can go up the nearby fire escape and leap over to it.

His apartment isn’t well secured, the door is just a level 1 lock. Just hack it open and go inside. The real treat is in the special secure back room though. It’s a tough lock, but he has a pocket secretary hidden in the apartment. Look on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf next to the TV and you should be able to pick up a small pocket secretary with the code for the back room.

Open it up and shut your actual eyes, since there will probably be a bunch of flash mines exploding once the door/you trigger them. They don’t hurt, so don’t worry about it.

The bedroom has at least three pieces of evidence that you can pick up. You just need one, but more is always better. There’s a government weapons shipment lying out in the open. Make a note of it. There is a box of drugs to the left of the entrance, so note it too. If you can, hack the computer and read the notes to find out about the fishy FEMA connection. You should also loot what you want, since there are a few decent bits of weaponry and ammo around.

Securing Double-T

The MCB Hideout

Once you have some evidence on him, you should go ahead and secure the witness. O’Malley should have put a marker on your map. If you need more help, look for the basketball court. Then just climb up the fire escape and go into the window at the top to get into the fourth floor. If you don’t have a stun gun already, I suggest that you go down a floor and buy one from Seurat. It works well if you want to go non-lethal in close quarters without eating 5 energy bars.

There should just be one guard outside, since I believe the second guard usually walks inside their hideout. He’ll threaten you when you approach, but you’ll be fine if you just shoot him with a stun gun as you walk past him. Move up to the door and take cover on it so that you can look inside. Wait for the guard moving around in the front room to move toward the kitchen. Slip in behind him and do a takedown.

You need to take out the two men on the couch. It’s hard to land a shot from behind them, so I suggest that you sneak around the corner and fire a stun gun into the one that’s farthest away from you, then just jam the takedown button to take out the other. If you made a noise, quickly wall back to the kitchen, since you’ll have two very angry men coming out, and one of them is Double-T. One of them will also have a shotgun, which will probably one-shot you, even on normal.

If you didn’t make a sound, then you’ll either have to hack the keypad on the door or just get into a good firing position in the kitchen and fire a real rifle shot into the wall. This will make them cautiously come out, so just put a tranquilizer dart or stun round into each of them to wrap things up. Loot the room to your heart’s content and hack the computer for more backstory. You don’t have to do anything else. Your witness will be taken away once you leave.

The Weapons

One Path into Derelict Row

Now that the witness is taken care of, along with the evidence, you need to go to Derelict Row. As I said, I’m not going to go into great detail for this, since you’ll have to do it for the main quest anyway. Just enter through the alley to the left by moving the crates, or climb the fire escape on the building to the left of it and either jump across or use the pipes and gutters to safely fall down.

Note that you’ll receive a bigger reward for going unnoticed. This just means that you can’t let them find and report a body, or turn “hostile” against you. It’s okay if they see you briefly and just go into an “alarmed” state. You’ll get a special notice on the left side of the screen if you fail this objective. It’s not vital, and the extra credits aren’t a huge deal, so don’t worry too much about it.

The most important point, is that once you find the stash, you just have to confirm the stolen gear by looking at the weapons crate. You can loot whatever else you want, the police won’t care. While you’re here, you might as well finish the main mission for the area and take the helicopter out to the abandoned factory. You will come back to Detroit afterward, so it’s not a big deal.

The Last Steps

Arresting O’Malley

When you come back, grab the crossbow out of the garbage pile in the tunnel by your apartment, and then turn it all in to the Detective. If you found all the evidence in the apartment, that actually seems to be good enough. It’s up to you whether you turn in the crossbow or not. Report your findings to close up the quest.

There is one final part that you can agree to do though. It’s time to arrest O’Malley. Just go over to O’Malley’s apartment again, and bring a non-lethal weapon. Just walk inside to find him standing by his desk. You can talk to him and brag if you want. He’ll make you an offer, but I assume you’ll want to decline it. Just note that if you talk to him and don’t cooperate with him, he will try to pull a revolver on you. Be quick on the trigger to knock him out.

Leave through the front gate and talk to Jenny to finish up the quest and net a lot of XP.


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