Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Side Quests in Detroit

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Side Quests in Detroit
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Sariff HQ - A Little Hacking

It’s generally a good idea to go ahead and explore the Sariff HQ building. You can get a lot of free stuff and credits with just a little looking.

The password for your personal computer in your office on the third floor is lying next to it on a pocket secretary. You can jump on to get a note that they want you to look into the a few Neuropozyne robberies, and in order to do this, they hand over a few door codes in the emails. This includes a code for Will’s office, number 23.

If you go to Will’s office, you can punch in the code and hack his computer to get the code for Office 32. This has a few ebooks, and a vent that can get you into office 34 for a little more looting.

You should also have the code for office 31, Denzel’s. Feel free to break in and look at his computer too.

The most useful chain seems to be hacking into Tim Carella’s office on the third floor. It’s only a level two lock and you should have at least one augmentation point saved up. Once you get into his room, you can read the messages that Tindall sent him, which include a code for Faridah’s office on the second floor. You can use the code to crack her high level door lock, and check her computer for a message to Pritchard, which will get you a code to the level five lock on the helipad storage bay. You can go out to the helipad and look for a ladder that leads down into a little drainage/storage section. Punch in the code and you can grab a bunch of ammo and an ammo capacity upgrade. You can also go into the basement area connected to the helipad and open the vent in the wall. If you climb down a few ladders, you’ll reach a box with some credits and a note from Tindall.

The other offices also tend to have ebooks, credit chips and energy bars. Hack to your heart’s content.

Lesser Evil

Finding Tindall

Once you talk to Tim Carella. You should be able to track down Tindall’s apartment. It’s marked on your map, but guarded by a fairly difficult to hack security gate. The gate’s just a level 2, but it seems to be a difficult puzzle. If you can’t crack it (and don’t want to cheat…if you do the code is 0002), just go up the fire escape for the building next to it. There should be a punk spray painting the wall next to it. Climb up and look for the board hanging over the railing at the top. You can use this as a ramp to leap over the gap and make it onto the other building.

Go through the rooftop access door and move on into the building. You need to go down a few floors to find Tindall’s apartment. It has a level 1 lock, so you should be able to hack it and get inside. The computer’s just a little ways inside and it’s not secured. Just jump on and read the emails to find Tindall’s communications and learn that he’s currently out of the apartment waiting to make an exchange.

Once that’s done, you’ll have a little problem to deal with, as one of his impatient clients will come in with a shotgun. Wait for him to walk through the door to the room, and just use a takedown to end this quickly. You should be fine if you just hit the key repeatedly as you approach the doorway. You’ll need to be fast though. He has a shotgun, and in these tight quarters it’ll kill you in one shot.

Loot the body and then walk out the main exit. If you didn’t already hack the gate, you should have gotten the door code from the computer.

Tindall is waiting by the dumpster behind the gas station. Just walk over to him and talk. He’ll proclaim that he’s a bit of a Robin Hood, and unless you can use a persuasion module he’ll insist that you neutralize a few other dealers that have been pushing on his territory.

Killing the Dealers for Tindall

Just as he says, they’re waiting over by the basketball court. You don’t have to kill them, but they aren’t really interested in talking to you either. The best course seems to be the ladder up to the fire escape across from them. If you can put a tranquilizer dart into each of them, then Tindall will still be happy, they won’t know what hit them and you’ll be fine.

Report your success and he’ll hand over the footage that you need to clear away the blackmail. After that, it’s just a short trip over to an anxious Carella by the Sariff building. Hand over the footage to receive his thanks and a weapon mod as a reward.

Thorpe’s Favor - Finding Seurat

Finding Seuratt - The Gun Dealer

If you helped save both Jane and Greg Thorpe in the previous mission, you can drop by his apartment and talk to him. He’ll repay you by telling you about a local gun runner, Seurat. You can find him by going over to the basketball court and climbing the fire escape. Go in the first window and walk around to find his setup in an open room on the third floor. If you see some gang members, then you went up too far. Go down a floor. You should be able to spot the bodyguard first, since he goes on patrols. Seurat will give you a nice discount on his merchandise for dropping Greg’s name.

It’s a good idea to visit Seurat, since he sells a silencer mod and a stun gun, which are both useful.


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