A Spoiler Free Walkthrough for Dead Space Chapter 12

A Spoiler Free Walkthrough for Dead Space Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Dead Space

Exit the Shuttle. After finding and smashing two boxes and looting a panel, go to the right side of the movable platform and drag it towards the shuttle. Activate the loader control console, and, when the Marker is loaded on the platform, pull it all the way till the rails end. Now enter the Control Room Barracks. Here you can find ammo, a Store, a Save Station and an Upgrade Bench.

Three boxes can be found behind the huge door, as well as a power cell. Enter the Gravity Tether Control room for a panel, an audio log, two boxes and a Gold Semiconductor. Now take the power cell and bring it out to the landing pad. Insert it into a slot to your left.

Proceeed through the door to Gravity Tether Operations A.

Drag the Marker in, until it reaches the wall, then use the console. Enter the next room. To your left you can find two panels and a Stasis Recharge, in fact, there are several Stasis Recharges spread throughout the room . Now walk to your right. Pick up ammo there. Use the console to raise the bridge, then use stasis to slow it and pull the Marker past the bridge, until it reaches the next bridge. Smash two boxes there, walk across the bridge and repeat the raise, slow and move Marker pattern.

Another box here. Walk over to the other side and pick up a Ruby Semiconductor.Now walk back and repeat the operation with the bridge. Enter the door to Gravity Tether Core as soon as the quarantine is lifted. You know what to do here. Proceed through the next door. You can find four panels, some ammo, a Save Station,a Stasis Recharge and a Store here.

Now enter the huge round door. There is a panel to your left. You are now in a zero gravity area. Proceed forward, get the flying crate and continue moving forward in circles, to get past the barriers. You’ll find another floating crate and eventually reach a spot where barriers cover all four sides - just jump through them, then up, which happens to be down actually, as you are on the floor now. Three more crates and a Stasis Recharge await you. Use kinesis to pull the lever down. Now proceed back. I suggest you to recharge your Stasis here first if needed.

On your way back you will notice that the cooler rotor blades are working now. Just slow them using kinesis and continue forward. When you are back in the large room, raise and slow the two bridges while moving the Marker, as you did before. Proceed through the door to next room and continue through.

The Sun and The Marker

A box and a panel are to your left. Get to the other side to get ammo, more boxes and a Power Node. Get the Marker to the other side of the room past the bridge, using the same method as always. Use the Stasis Recharge and proceed to the next room. Repeat the routine shutter procedure and move on.

You are in the excavation site now. Loot everything you can find, then clean the tentacles off your path by shooting them in the weak spots. After all the fighting is done, continue moving the Marker forwards until you reach the end. Then use the Loader Control console to finally put it back to it’s rightful place.

Enter the small cabin and move towards the door to Landing Pad. After listening to the message and the monologue, proceed through the door.

Walk down the corridor and continue moving forward. Loot all the panels, crates and everything else you find, including a Power Node. Eventually you will find yourself once again in the Gravity Tether Control room with a Store, Save Station and an Upgrade Bench. After finishing your

The Hive Mind

business here enter the door to the Landing Pad.

Time for the final showdown with the Hive Mind. It looks more threatening than it is, actually. In the beginning you have enough time to loot everything around you. Look at it’s head, it will be tilted in the direction of the tentacle that’s going to hit you. Avoid the tentacles. Start to shoot the weak spots in the head. When you have shot three out, the beast will grab you; just continue shooting the two remaining yellow bulbs from the awkward position you are in currently.

When the monster throws you down, it will expose another set of weak spots in its chest. Shoot at them or throw the explosive canisters with kinesis. Hive Mind will also occasionally spit out Necromorphs, though in most cases it will flail them to death with tentacles by itself. Just avoid the tentacles and shoot the weak spots at every opportunity. It will also occasionally spit out the explosive blobs typical for bosses in this game. Those are hard to avoid but not too damaging.

When you shoot all the weak spots, the Hive Mind is finished. Walk up the ramp to the shuttle. Congratulations! You have finished Dead Space, both the chapter and the game. What to do next? Well, you will now have backstory logs, Military Suit, 50000 credits and 10 Power Nodes unlocked,as well as the Impossible Mode. Save the game now if you wish to use your earned bonuses.

That’s it for the Dead Space Walkthrough. Big thanks to you all for reading, and I hope that I have helped someone with this work as well!

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