A Walkthrough for Dead Space Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions

A Walkthrough for Dead Space Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions
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Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions

Exit the tram and listen to the message. To your right is an Upgrade Bench; a crate can be found in the waiting room. To your left is a Store and door to Tram Station Hall; enter it. Smash the crate in Ladies Restroom and continue through the corridor. Another crate can be found to the left; after the Save Station, turn right and enter the door.

Another Upgrade Bench here. Use the cargo lift and go down. Loot two panels here and go forward, past them to find a Power Node and another pair of lockers. Continue walking around the room for more panels, Pulse Rounds and three crates. When everything is

taken, activate the console.

Notice the tentacles showing up when you step forward on the middle platform? Taunt them, but do not go too far or they will hit you, then shoot the weak spots. It is easier to do when they have hit the ground and stay unmoving for a brief moment. Two of the tentacles come if you try to move through the middle section. One more appear on each side. When they are all down, move the Marker to the other side of the room using kinesis. After that is done, head back to the Tram Station and enter the elevator.

A crate can be found in restrooms to the left. Proceed forward and enter the door. There is a Save Station here and couple of items near the door to Flight Hangar. When the quarantine is lifted, go through the door. After the shuttle has landed, enter the door to Runway 2. Proceed through the next door and go up. When you reach the Gravity Console, activate it. Jump down. Here you can find six panels and three crates in total. Then pull the Marker with kinesis till you reach the first crossing. Use the closest switch, pull the Marker in the sideway, then use the switch again and pull back on the track and forward. When you reach the second crossing, use the switch there and pull your cargo sideways till you reach the end.

The Peng

Now jump back up. Restore the gravity by activating the console. Head down to the shuttle. After all messages, don’t leave already! Instead, head for Runway 1 - where you started the game in Chapter 1. Look for a small statue between both runways - see the picture. This is the Peng treasure. Grab it using kinesis. It can be sold later for 30,000 credits.

Now head back up. Behind the corner there are two panels. Enter the door that was closed previously. Grab the ammo and enter Control Room A. Move forward. Another pair of panels here. Continue moving and enter the next door. Two panels, a Power Node and a Diamond Semiconductor here, as well as a Save Station.

Activate the console. When the shuttle has docked, head down to Runway 2. Go on and enter the shuttle. Activate the door to enter the shuttle deck and finally leave USG Ishimura for good. This is the shortest chapter in game, although quite eventful, and a prelude for the final chapter, which bears the name of the title itself - Dead Space.

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The end part of Dead Space is as challenging, if not even more challenging, than previous chapters. If you need help, feel free to look in this walkthrough!

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