A Dead Space Chapter 10: End of Days Walkthrough

A Dead Space Chapter 10: End of Days Walkthrough
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Exit the tram. Grab some ammo from the waiting room and smash a crate to the left from the door. Proceed through the corridor. To your left is a panel, Ripper Blades and a crate; to your right - a Store. Grab some Line Racks and open another panel, then use the cargo lift to the left from the Store to go up.

Grab a text log. There is also a Save Station, a panel and an Upgrade Bench here. Then enter the door to Residential Hall. Proceed through the door to Mess Hall. A couple of crates and a panel can be found here. Use the cargo lift to go down. There are four crates

and a Power Node down there, the openable crate contains a Crew Key. Once you’ve got it, use the cargo lift to go up and exit the room. Enter the door to Residential Lobby.

Loot a panel to your left and enter Ladies Restroom. That’s the small unnamed door, and there you can find another panel. Then use the elevator to Sleep Block A. Open another panel and continue forward.You can find a Small Med Pack, some Line Racks, a crate and a Save Station here. A panel and Contact Energy ammo are both hidden behind another unnamed door (Men’s Restroom). Enter the door to Sleep Block A Bunks.

Pick up the credits and loot the three crates and enter the Storage Room. Pull down the lever using kinesis, then pick up the Contact Energy and exit the room. Go back to Sleep Block A Commons. Proceed through the door to Sleep Block B and continue forward. You’ll soon find yourself in a vacuum area. There is an Oxygen Recharge on the wall opposite to the entrance; the room also has a panel. Loot another panel, get a Small Med Pack and Contact Energy from another Men’s Restroom, then enter the door labeled “To Residential Hall”. Another panel here.

Now proceed through the door to Sleep Block B Bunks. Three crates here, as well as a Nav Card. Enter the Storage Room, pick up Pulse Rounds and Power Node and smash a crate. Proceed back to Sleep Block A Commons - the room with the Save Station. Enter the door labeled “Return to Main Commons”. Use the elevator to go up. You are back in the Residential Lobby.

Continue going back until you are in the room with the Store. Enter the door to Sleep Block C. Loot two panels there and proceed to Zero-G Basketball Court. Two more panels and a Level 5 Suit Schematic awaits you here. Proceed through the next door and, after taking the text log and opening another panel, enter the basketball court itself.

Zero-G Basketball

You are in zero gravity area. Jump onto the platform in front of you and pick up the Nav Card. You can also play some Zero-G Basketball here. If you didn’t bother reading the text log that explained the game, here is the short version. In a set amount of time you have to throw ball into one of four holes at the other end of the room. You can increase point value of the throw by jumping consecutively on one to three platforms that light up. that doubles the score (1 for no platforms jumped, 2 for 1, 4 for 2 and 8 for 3). The holes - “baskets” - will be periodically shut . Getting score 16 or more unlocks panels in previous room, giving various rewards, like ammo or Med Packs, even a Power Node and a Ruby Semiconductor.

Chapter 10: End of Days

There are six levels in this minigame; I personally found it easier just standing at the platform closest to the holes, catching the ball and throwing it in.


After you are finished with basketball, exit Zero-G Basketball Court. Turn right. There is an elevator to Ship Block C; use it. There is a Save Station for you. Proceed further. You will find yourself in a room with a projector in the middle. Open two panels here, and check out Men’s Restroom for Ripper Blades and another panel. Then enter the door to Sleep Block C Bunks.

There is a storage room that can be opened with Power Node and contains various ammo, a panel and Large Med Pack. In the larger room, open a crate; then you have to move the beds with kinesis, starting with moving one into the empty space, to find a Ruby Semiconductor and get to the other side. Here’s a hint: you have to close the first row of beds when you get through them, so that you can move the second row. A crate awaits you on the other side. Proceed forward and in the next room you’ll find the third Nav Card and a crate, as well as a Medium Med Pack.

So, your immortal little friend is back. Run away the way you came here and use the beds to close the way behind you. As soon as the door is unlocked, run to the elevator and use it. Go to Commons and use the cargo lift next to the Store. Enter the first door. Proceed through the next door; there is a crate here.

As soon as the elevator is unlocked, enter it. Continue moving forwards. The next room has two smaller rooms to your left and two to your right; loot them all and proceed to Executive Shuttle Hall. There is a panel and a Save Station here. Go through the door to Executive Shuttle Bay.

Various crates and the shuttle itself can be found here, as well as a smaller room containing ammo and a console. Enter the shuttle and insert the Nav Cards into the chipset in the wall. Now use the console in the Control Room. The annoying regerating creep is back! Time to get rid of it for good. To do this, you have to slow him with stasis or shoot his legs off so that he is exactly opposite to the shuttle engines, then you can use the test fire option and burn him where he stands. Wasn’t so immortal, eh?

Now use the second console to unlock the shuttle clamps. Then exit the room and head back to the Commons. From there, walk up to the Tram Station and enter the tram to complete Chapter 10.

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