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    • Dead Space - A Journey into Fear
      Dead Space is an eerie horror, sci-fi action game that will test your fears, nerves and reflexes. You and your team are sent on a mission to do some repairs on a mining ship. Unfortunately, it is inhabited by vicious and creepy monsters who can adapt to your attacks. Do you dare play? Find out.
    • Dead Space 2 - Taking the fight to the Necomorphs.
      We take a little look at the sequel of the survival-horror success ,Dead Space. What changes can we expect and how will this game differ from its predecessor?
    • Dead Space Walkthrough, Chapter 2: Intensive Care
      Stuck in the monster-ridden corridors of USG Ishimura? Worry not, this walkthrough will get you through the puzzling moments while not spoiling the storyline and feeling of dread.
    • Guide to Chapter 6, Environmental Hazard, in Dead Space
      Completing Chapter 6 will have brought you through half of the game - quite an accomplishment! By getting this far, you will have learned the basics and the logic of puzzles in the game, but some moments can still be confusing and this walkthrough is here to help.
    • Dead Space Walkthrough, Chapter 3: Course Correction
      Continue your voyage through the USG Ishimura, slay monsters and look in this walkthrough if you ever get stuck or confused in your path through this unfriendly ship.
    • Guide to Chapter 1 in Dead Space 2
      The wait is over, and the next episode about Isaac Clarke's struggle against Necromorphs has already come to our PCs. Need a helping hand in beating this awesome game? Don't worry, this walkthrough will carry you through all the challenges!
    • Guide to Chapter 9, Dead on Arrival, in Dead Space
      Dead Space is a game that requires logical thinking and puzzle solving ability, and not everything is perceived as logical by both game developers and players at the same time. If something in Chapter 9 DoA makes you confused, this walkthrough is for you.
    • Guide to Chapter 10, End of Days, in Dead Space
      Continue your voyage through hordes of monsters and challenging riddles! Chapter 10 End of Days is explained thoroughly in this article. If you need help eliminating the masses, or a quick guide to solving those cryptic puzzles, we've got it covered.
    • Lethal Devotion Guide, Chapter 5 of Dead Space
      Follow our Chapter 5 guide where you continue waging war with the Necromorphs on the ghost ship USG Ishimura and get out of puzzling situations and obscure moments!
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