Dead Space Ignition Review

Dead Space Ignition Review
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Presentation (2 out of 5)

Dead Space Ignition’s graphics is presented in an animated comic book style. Unfortunately, the art lacked detailed while the animations looked awkward and limited. The voice-acting fared much better, although it can be a little rough at times.

The multi-branching story of Dead Space Ignition does a great job at previewing several of the areas within the Sprawl space station in Dead Space 2. Otherwise, the story offers little more than that.

Dead Space Ignition strongest sell was with its story and presentation. Unfortunately, the game failed to deliver a quality experience from those components.

Unlike Dead Space and Dead Space 2, this downloadable title is not a third-person shooter. Instead, it is made up of three small hacking games. You can find how each individual mini-game fared in this Dead Space Ignition review below:

Trace Route (2 out of 5)


The most action-packed of the three mini-games, Trace Route will have you playing as a trace beam trying to reach the end of the obstacle course before your opponents. You will have to deal with data blocks, firewalls and other enemy beams designed to hinder your progress along the way. To counter them, you have several power-ups on your side, like boost, that will help you in the race.

Trace Route has a lot of potential to be a great mini-game in Dead Space Ignition but the less-than-precise controls really hurt it. Not to mention that your opponent will always be on your tail no matter how clean you run the race. One crucial mistake in the end could mean you have to restart all the way to the beginning, which creates a frustrating experience.

System Overdrive (2 out of 5)

System Overdrive plays like a Tower Defense game in reverse. Instead of protecting a crucial point, you will be sending waves of enemies trying to destroy it.

Although System Overdrive sounds like a deep mini-game, it is actually really shallow since you can only send out four types of viruses and in only two directions. Once you figured out the right combination to destroy the anti-viral towers, System Overdrive becomes a relatively easy mini-game to master.

Hardware Crack (4 out of 5)


Saving the best mini-game for last in this Dead Space Ignition review, Hardware Crack is a puzzler in which you have to use reflectors to line up energy beams with the corresponding receivers. As you go deeper into the story, you will earn the ability to project and combine beams in addition to removing components.

The creative board layouts, especially in the later levels, will test your dexterity without causing too much frustration. Although Hardware Crack may be the best mini-game in Dead Space Ignition, it is not good enough to cover for the underwhelming Trace Route and System Overdrive mini-games.

Value (3 out of 5)

Dead Space Ignition can be beaten in just a few hours. However, the game offers four multiple paths in addition to leader boards and local multiplayer options. So, if you enjoyed the core elements, this downloadable title has plenty of replay value.

Overall (2 out of 5)

You can get Dead Space Ignition for $4.99 or as a free bonus for pre-ordering Dead Space 2 in select retailers. Although it may not be worth the price of admission as a standalone product, the downloadable title does make a good free supplementary content for Dead Space 2, especially considering that you get an in-game costume for the upcoming sequel by beating Ignition once.