Dead Space 2 Preview - So many Necromorphs, So Little Time

Dead Space 2 Preview - So many Necromorphs, So Little Time
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Taking it to the Necromorphs in Dead Space 2

It wasn’t that long ago that the sequel to the 2008 smash hit, Dead Space, was announced. So understand that not a whole lot of information is out about this game. We have been told a few things that are pretty interesting.

The story takes place three years after the events on the Ishimura. The Necromorph infestation is spreading through the universe, and Isaac Clarke is the only one that can stop it. The Church of Unitology will have a more central roll in the story. We find our hero cutting his way through necromorphs on a giant space station called ‘The Sprawl.’ This environment is supposed to be more expansive than the Ishimura. As it is a city in space built over time, we can expect more variety in details of the environments.

Changes we can expect in this survival horror game for the XBOX 360.

While the first Dead Space was a survival-horror game, the sequel is more geared towards being an action-horror game.This doesn’t mean the survival aspect of the game has been neglected. Fans are worried the game will take a Resident Evil 5 direction. Developers assure us it will not.

We will find Clarke playing more of a controlling role in this game then the previous. Our hero will still have his trusty plasma cutter and dismembering is still a staple in the game. The developers promise to implement more methods and means to horribly disfigure and severe the undead foes with an array of new and exciting weaponry. In fact the developers are holding a contest to see which fan can come up with the most creative and gruesome dismememberment. Whoever wins will have their animation put in game.

Isaac Clarke has been given a voice. He is no longer the silent merciless killer of the Necromorphs. He also has been given other characters that he can interact with to further aid in progression. This dynamic will have a role in encompassing the player in the world of the ‘Ahhhh oh my god kill it!

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' world of Clarke.

Another interesting addition is that Dead Space 2 will have multiplayer, no information has been released about what to find in multiplayer mode. Destructible environments have been added, such as destructible glass to suck out those nasty necros. Some items that can be picked up in game can be broken and used to impale or slice your foes. Also more zero gravity environments to give a surreal outer space experience.

Overall the developers promise to deliver the same horror experience, just with a new tale and twists. This is definitely a game to look out for as information is released. The release date for the game is slated to be in 2011.


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