Dead Space Cheat Codes for PC & How to Translate Secret Alien Language

Dead Space Cheat Codes for PC & How to Translate Secret Alien Language
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Dead Space is a really good horror game, but, as it is common in horror games, you will often find yourself lacking ammo, credits, oxygen or other things vital for your survival. If that makes your game too hard and frustrating, if you simply want to advance the storyline without the hassle, or if you have completed the game before and just want to rampage as an enraged Necromorph-crushing tyrannosaurus, this article is for you.

So, you are looking for some Dead Space cheats? Easy, they are right here, but something must be told before. There are no cheats in Dead Space that can be used with keyboard, mouse or other conventional means - to use cheats in Dead Space, you must use an Xbox 360 controller for Windows. I tried an emulator for this purpose, but it didn’t work; maybe you are smarter than me or have better knowledge in this area - I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I failed. without a controller, you are stuck with trainers or similar means of cheating, however, I really do not recommend this, as there is a pretty big chance that you can download a virus or a trojan instead. So, if you want to use cheats that are built in the game, you have to get that Xbox controller.

Cheat Codes

To use these codes, first you have pause the game using Start button on your controller. Then press the following buttons:

Power Nodes

Y X X X Y - 2 Power Nodes

Y X Y X X Y X X Y X X Y - 5 Power Nodes


X X X Y X - 1,000 Credits

X X X Y Y - 2,000 Credits

X X X Y X Y - 5,000 Credits

X Y Y Y X X Y - 10,000 Credits

Be advised that aforementioned codes, both for Power Nodes and credits, can be used ONLY 1 time each. So use them when you need them. The following codes, however, can be used unlimited times.

X X Y Y Y - Refill Oxygen, perfect for those vacuum areas

X Y Y X Y - Refill Stasis Energy

That sums up for the Dead Space cheat codes.

Secret Alien Language

As a bonus, I can tell you about the hidden code in Dead Space itself. Have you noticed weird scripts on the


walls in every chapter? They can all be translated. How? In Chapter 6, search carefully, and you can find a codex for transcription. Also, when you finish the game, it will show you a text in alien language that can be translated into “Dead Space Chapter 12 Completed”. You can use that as the cypher key if you don’t find the codex.

That’s all for today, folks! Use your freshly gained knowledge well!

Ah, and if you do not want to cheat, but are stuck somewhere in the game and need a helping hand - check out the Dead Space walkthrough: