Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide – Killing Antoine Thomas – The Cannibal Chef – “Tastes Like Chicken”

Dead Rising 2 Psychopath – Antoine the Cannibal Chef

Dead Rising 2 - Finding Jasper - Tastes like Chicken

Antoine Thomas is probably one of the more difficult psychopaths to kill on your first runthrough. You will need to prepare yourself well for this one. You can gather plenty of food and drinks from the food court or mix up a few painkillers at any bar, although damage control isn’t going to be your biggest problem.

You need some help for this one. This psychopath fight will probably be one of the only ones that you practically have to bring survivors along with you, because they are a great help. I personally breezed through this with Sven and Jasper, but you can probably do it with just Jasper. Note that it naturally helps to have the Leadership magazine (you can grab it from the bingo hall on the Silver Strip). As usual, bring knife gloves to the fight to make it really easy.

Note – You can do it alone, fire support just makes it easier

Antoine is actually a really predictable psychopath. He has a few basic attacks. He’ll usually throw two pans at you if he’s at the right distance and then will chase after you for a bit with his frying pan. If he knocks Chuck down, there is a chance that he’ll pounce onto him and force feed him an apple for a surprising amount of damage until you shake him off.

The real problem is that he will often run away to one of three plates of food and eat until his health is restored. There is one plate in the kitchen by the stove and one on each side of the restaurant.

Dead Rising 2 – Killing Antoine


Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath - Tastes Like Chicken - Teamwork!

ote that Jasper is always part of the quest, so you can always have at least one survivor. He’s a hidden survivor that you will have to find before the cannibal chef’s hostage will go with you (she doesn’t trust Chuck). You can find him before the mission though (and from a story perspective it’s a bit more interesting for him to help save his friend). He’s above the Hamburger Fiefdom restaurant. You can actually see and hear him from the ground. The way up is pretty simple. Walk past the tables on that side of the food court (don’t go into any restaurants) and reach the vending machines at the back seating area to the left of Hamburger Fiefdom. Climb up onto the vending machine and jump over to the rooftop. Run along and talk to Jasper until he agrees to follow you.

You need to bring a gun with you, since it gets a lot easier with fire support. You can grab a LMG from the dish on the main statue in the center of the Yucatan if you want. I assume that you will also have plenty of assault rifles from the dead mercenaries if you are doing cases 2 and 3 around this point. Even a shotgun or sniper rifle from the gun store in Palisades Mall will do.

Before you walk into the restaurant to trigger the chef, have your survivors stand at a waypoint just inside the entrance to the restaurant. Give them some food if they’re hurt, since the chef really packs a punch and can kill them if the battle lasts for long. You’ll need them at 100% going in.

Once you’re set, go inside. You need to stay mobile. Run around and take cover being the stove when he throws the pans (or try to swing around and flank him if you’re close enough). When he chases you, run away until you wear him out. The clear time to attack is when he runs off to eat.

The big draw of having survivors for help is that they will shoot Antoine and interrupt his healing sessions. This also somewhat stuns and confuses him and allows you to do some free damage while he throws a pan at the survivors shooting at him (make sure that you take advantage of this break, they won’t survive too many attacks).

If you hit the chef twice, you can get away before his strong counterattack and avoid his pouncing attack. Repeat this quick attack pattern when he tries to eat or throw his pans and swing at him anytime his attention turns to your survivors. You’ll maximize your damage and draw his focus back to you.

Just repeat this setup until Antoine dies. Remember to talk to Cinda in the freezer. Since you already have Jasper, just talk to her a few extra times to trigger their reunion and gain a survivor.

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