Dead Rising 2 Guide - World's Most Dangerous Trick - Killing Roger and Reed - The Magicians

Dead Rising 2 Guide - World's Most Dangerous Trick - Killing Roger and Reed - The Magicians
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Dead Rising 2 Psychopaths - Roger and Reed

Roger and Reed will probably be the last non-story psychopath that you face. The pair is fairly simple in their pattern though. Roger will attack with duel swords. He’ll run around the casino and occasionally rush you. After a wave of attacks, he’ll run off behind a row of slot machines to recover.

Reed will attack by firing rockets at you with his colorful rocket launcher. The ranged attack isn’t actually that big of a deal. It doesn’t do that much damage. It will, unfortunately, stun you and cause Chuck to drop whatever weapon he’s holding, so make sure that you pick up anything that you drop. Reed’s really only dangerous at close range. He can take away a block of health with a normal bash and his large swing attack can take away a full three blocks if it connects.

This pair will take a little bit of preparation. I suggest that you get a few painkillers by combining two whiskeys, beers or vodkas at any bar in the game. Juggz on the Platinum Strip has enough materials for four and the Americana Casino has an unlimited supply.

The next thing that you’ll need is a fast and effective melee weapon. As usual, a nailbat or knife gloves will be fine (although if you have any other favorites by now feel free to use them).

I suggest that you try to take out Roger first. He’s much more annoying and Reed is a pushover once Roger is down. Plus, Reed has just as much of a chance of hitting Roger as he does of hitting you. Friendly fire does count. If Roger is hit, he’ll stand there stunned for much longer than Chuck will. This should let you get in a few solid hits before he recovers.

Dead Rising 2 - World’s Most Dangerous Trick - Killing Roger and Reed

Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - World’s Most Dangerous Trick

Note that you can run off to the central bar for a few drinks if you ever get hurt. Reed should leave you alone and Roger shouldn’t harass you too badly either. Retreat to the bar if you need a break.

You should actually be fine just hitting Roger a lot. Either chase after him or just wait for him to come back for another attack run Hitting him a few times might make him run away, so feel free to be a little aggressive. At worst, he’ll slash you a few times. Since you have some painkillers and are close to a bar, this isn’t a big deal. Roger takes a lot of damage from simple knife glove hits, so he should die quickly.

Once Roger is down, just find and attack Reed (listen for his voice and stick to the main hallways). Reed is fairly simple to attack. Hit him once or twice and step back quickly to avoid a heavy hit from the rocket launcher. If you get hit or hurt badly, fall back and take cover behind a slot machine while you drink a painkiller or run off and grab a cocktail from the bar counter. Repeat the basic process until Reed dies too.

Note that you can now grab the “Magician’s sword” from their stage and use it to carve through zombies and earn a little PP with each normal strike. It’s a great weapon and it will respawn, although it’s a little late in the game. Reed’s Rocket Launcher will also now spawn on the stage You should also get the Rocket Launcher combo card as a reward.

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