Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide - Killing the Snipers

Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide - Killing the Snipers
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Dead Rising 2 Psychopaths - Hunters/Snipers

These “patriots” have set up shop along the Platinum and Silver Strip to cleanse out the weak from Fortune City. They are not so much a real psychopath fight as a persistent thorn in your side. You’ll probably want to go ahead and kill them. They’re worth a lot of PP and it’s nice to not have to worry about being sniped while you’re on the main path. Note that the biggest problem is that they will target survivors and take away large chunks of survivor health. A successful shot will also knock a survivor down, which lets them chain up several hits and quickly kill your survivors.

If you don’t want to deal with them, then just stay inside and make use of the shortcut between the Royal Flush Plaza bathrooms and the Palisades Mall. They’ll run off when the military comes to end the quarantine.

Note that all four snipers fight and die in the same way. You need to attack them at close range. If you’re on the strip, they’ll take potshots at you. If you stay mobile, they’ll probably miss and even hit the zombies around you. Stopping for anything will probably result in a rough shot to the back that does a fair bit of damage and stuns you.

Dead Rising 2 - Killing the Snipers

Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide - The Snipers

You need to get close and attack their sniper post. Once you’re close, just use a nail bat or the knife gloves to cut them up. If you get close, they’ll put away the sniper rifle and pull out a machete or knife. This doesn’t do too much damage, so try to stay close. If you let them run away from you and get any distance, they’ll pull out the rifle again. If you have the “Roll” ability, use it to avoid their shots and get close to them after they run away.

Once you can handle this pattern, it’s simple. Personally, I usually just tough it out. Their counterattacks aren’t too bad and it’s easier to shake off a few hits than it is to get shot because you backed off for too long. Also note that they each have alcohol and food at their post, so you can probably heal back up after each fight.

There are four snipers. The first is right across from the Royal Flush Plaza exit and he’s the easiest to get to. Just climb the short stack of crates to reach his platform above the store.

The second is to the right and further down the strip roughly on top of the movie theater (fairly close to Juggz). There’s a ladder by the maintence room next door. Climb this ladder to reach his perch.

The other two are higher up on the Silver Strip. One is on the roof of the Atlantica Casino. This is a tricky one. You need to run past his position and stick to the building. You’ll pass one maintenance room. You’re looking for a long alley that holds the second maintenance room. If you’re doing the cases, this is just a bit past the giant hole in the wall that the drilling machine left in the Atlantica. This alley has a door that leads into the rear area of the Atlantica. If you go down the hallway you’ll find the ladder to the rooftop.

The fourth and final sniper is close to the Yucatan. The ladder is by the nearby maintenance room. Just climb the ladder and finish him off.

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