Dead Rising 2: WWJWD? - Psychopath Guide - Killing Seymour Redding

Dead Rising 2: WWJWD? - Psychopath Guide - Killing Seymour Redding
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Dead Rising 2 Psychopath - Seymour Redding

Seymour Redding has decided to promote himself to the position of sheriff over the South Plaza. This fight isn’t too hard if you go in knowing what to expect. The biggest difficulty is that you just won’t be able to use guns or apparently most ranged weapons.

Sheriff Seymour Redding has a few different attacks. The most annoying is that he can shoot guns out of Chuck’s hands. This means that you’ll need to bring a good melee weapon. If you keep any real distance between yourself and Seymour, he’ll shoot at you with his revolver. He’s very accurate and capable of doing a lot of damage with this little pistol. If you hang back for long, he’ll also pull out a rope and try to lasso Chuck. If the lasso lands, you’ll need to beat the QTE to escape or suffer a pretty severe beating from Seymour. Finally, he’ll use his nightstick to counterattack at close range, but it isn’t a big danger.

Note that unlike most psychopath fights, you have to stay fairly close to him. There’s not many places to run off to for food or weapons and you’ll want to stay really close. Make sure that you’re well supplied before going into the fight. Note that there is also a survivor hidden here and he’s actually pretty far away from Seymour. It’s easy to miss him, so make sure you pick him up at the end (I’ll give directions at the appropriate point).

For actual strategy and preparation, make sure that you have a good melee weapon. Knife gloves are very useful and deal a lot of damage to Seymour. A nailbat will work too though. Make sure that you bring a few painkillers. Note that you can make these at Juggz, the bar just down the street from the Fortune City Hotel. It has four bottles of whiskey and four bottles of beer along with a blender. Mixing two whiskers or two beers together makes the painkiller, which is just perfect for the battle.

Dead Rising 2 - Killing Seymour Redding

Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - WWJWD?

Killing Seymour isn’t too hard once you find your rhythm. Rush Seymour and stay close for the whole battle. This will ensure that you basically get to do free damage if he pulls out the lasso or trys to draw the gun, at least if you’re close enough to smack him. Once you’re close, it’s simple. Smack him twice and jump back. Or just keep hitting him and shake off the damage. His nightstick will barely bruise you if you drink a painkiller during the fight. As long as you don’t wonder off far enough to have him pull out the pistol or lasso, then you’ll be fine. He’ll die quickly.

Remember to get the survivor (Ray Teller) in the back area. I didn’t see him on my first run. Listen carefully for his voice if you get lost. Otherwsie, walk further down the hallway (away from the lobby and look to the left side for a maintenance room off to the side. Ray Teller should be off to the side. If Seymour is dead, he’ll talk to you and follow you out of the Fortune City Hotel.

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