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Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Psychopath Guide - Taming Snowflake and Killing Ted

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Taming Snowflake is necessary for two different achievements (Skill to Survive and Father of the Year). You'll also need to take care of Ted in the Yucatan Casino. I'll tell you how to tame Snowflake successfully with some creative use of steak and a little bit of time.

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    Ted and Snowflake - Introduction

    Ted and Snowflake - Yucatan Casino Ted and Snowflake are unmarked psychopaths that can only be found during the first day. You will find them by going into the Yucatan casino. Just going into it through any entrance should trigger the cutscene.

    Note that the timing on this is a little rough, especially since I’ve heard some have trouble getting it after Case 2 starts. Regardless of availability issues, note that this also technically spawns two survivors on the map, which messes up the spawning of other survivor missions (Dead Rising 2 only allows eight survivors to be on the map at one point). One decent time to do it is right after you do the “Welcome to the Family" quest and pick up Kenneth and Jack at Shank’s. Snowflake doesn’t seem to care that much about survivors and the Yucatan isn’t really a death trap. When you walk into the Yucatan, just set a survivor waypoint in a corner (I picked the little pond by the entrance from the Palisades Mall) and leave them there. They’ll be fine.

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    Killing Ted

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Killing Ted This is actually really easy. Ted will try to run over and grab a fireaxe for the fight and he will use it normally if you let him get to it. He also has a handgun that he’ll use if you fall back too far. Note that Ted is really easy to kill. I just smacked him with a Defiler (axe+sledgehammer) repeatedly. He doesn’t really have much of a counterattack, especially if you hit him at the start of the fight before he grabs his weapon. Just smack him a few times and finish him off. If you get hurt, you can run into the German bar near the habitat and jump behind the bar (Snowflake can't come into this room, so it's a safe area). You can mix the beers together to make painkillers or just drink a few.

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    Killing Snowflake

    The real problem is Snowflake. In truth, Snowflake isn’t going to be that hard to kill. You don’t stand much of a chance against her in melee combat, but that just means you have to use guns. Climb the center statue in the Yucatan, the really big one, and look out into the dish reaching out. Jump into it and grab the Zombrex (if you haven’t been up here before) and the LMG. If you can’t get a shot at the tiger from here, you can climb onto a few rows of slots machines. Look for the ones with a flat board/platform on top of them. You can also climb up onto the raised portions of Snowflake’s habitat.

    That said, why would you kill Snowflake? You should go for the “Skill to Survive" achievement and tame Snowflake.

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    Taming Snowflake

    Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide - Taming Snowflake for Taming Snowflake isn’t actually that hard...conceptually. You need to get her health all the way up to 100%. If you don’t hurt her, that means she needs to eat three steaks (and better pray to the gaming gods if you hurt her, so throw the steaks carefully). You can handle Snowflake after Ted is dead, so make sure that you take care of Ted first to save yourself the trouble. You can also leave the zone for a little bit. Snowflake won't disappear until her timer runs around the start of Case 2.

    You can get three steaks from Snowflake’s habitat. If you have the inventory space, you might want to grab a few more from the BBQ place in the Food Court next to the Yucatan.

    I’ve seen a lot of false rumors spread about how to tame Snowflake, so let’s just make this really clear. You don’t have to do a perfectly timed throw in a two-second gap. You just need her to spot the steaks when she isn’t in a full attack mode. You’ll know that Snowflake has spotted a steak, because she will switch to a fairly unique animation. Snowflake will move slowly and cautiously up to the steak and begin to eat it. Unfortunately, this slow movement is a major problem, that I assume a lot of people were having, since any attack will interrupt the action and prevent her from actually eating the steak. Since the zombies will attack her, this process gets a lot harder. Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - How to Tame Snowflake 

    Here’s the basic steps to doing it right. Go to Snowflake’s habitat (it’s has the stone floors and glass enclosure and it’s where the fight started). Throw down the steaks on the main pathway (the bright white section) just outside the enclosure and wait. This area is pretty good, since there shouldn't be too many zombies to bother her while she's eating. I believe that Snowflake just gets bored and walks away to rest if you get onto a raised platform, so you’ll have to stay on the ground. Run and jump around the pillars of her enclosure (smash the glass when you get a chance) to avoid her attacks and leave her field of sight. Snowflake has a standard attack tactic. She'll try to pounce Chuck (try to jump out of the way or outrun her) and then run off to maul a zombie. After this, she turns around and runs back. The main trick is that you have to stay out of her line of sight and really limit your movement, since these trigger her attack runs.

    Snowflake should eat the steaks, with a little luck. If she doesn't, try throwing them down into a new area right before she begins her attack. After the third steak, her health bar should fill and you’ll get a cutscene where she begins following Chuck. Snowflake will now act like a survivor. In fact, Snowflake is an incredibly awesome survivor. She can’t fit into a few narrow spaces, but she’s incredibly fast and able to tear through zombies very quickly. She also counts as a gift for Katey, so the PP just keeps on giving.

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