Killing Slappy - Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide

Killing Slappy - Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide
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Killing Slappy - Introduction

It seems like everyone does know Slappy now, since a lot of people were having difficult with this psychopath in Dead Rising 2. Slappy is actually not too tough once you figure out a good pattern. Note also that this mission will not start until you examine Slappy’s dead girlfriend on the ground outside the kid’s clothing/toy store, so don’t worry about accidentally triggering it.

Slappy has two flamethrower squirt guns. They can spray fire at close range (and he’ll do a fancy spin move if you stick around long at close range) and he can shoot bursts of fireballs that explode on contact.

There are a few creative ways to handle the fight with Slappy, but let’s handle the more conventional means first.

Killing Slappy - Sniping Slappy

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Killing Slappy the Psychopath

The easiest way is to remember where you are. Inside this mall, there is a gun shop. It’s close to the strip entrance and is right above it on the second floor. Just go inside and grab two sniper rifles and a shotgun. You’ve just made the fight a whole lot easier. Grab some beer and snacks from the grocery store next door and you’re pretty much set.

When you start the fight with Slappy, run into the toy store itself and go into the back. Standing behind the crib should put you in a great safe zone. The crib will absorb direct hits and only the occasional ricochet on the side will hit you. If this spot doesn’t work, you can also take cover behind the wall that juts out to the right of the crib. If neither of these work, feel free to run to another store and use it for cover. You have a lot of options.

Slappy shouldn’t enter the toy store itself. He’ll just skate around back and forth and stop to fire at you. In either spot, you can basically just treat it like a shooting gallery. Snipe his big head as he skates past and fire away when he stops. It will probably take both sniper rifles, but it’s an easy, quick and stress free way to kill him.

Killing Slappy - Other Ways

If you have good reflexes, then you can use melee attacks if you start out with a jump kick or some attack that will stun him. A jump kick should knock him down and leave him exposed while he stands back up. It’s a little risky for my blood, but it’s an option.

If you’re really having trouble, then you can get a little more creative. It’s really easy to make a Freedom Bear in this area. There’s a robotic bear inside the “Brand New Me” store across from the gun store. The bear is inside the store close to the registers. You can get a LMG from a raised platform roughly in the center of the Yucatan casino (start climbing to get a little height and it should be easy to spot). Combine the two to make a Freedom Bear and set him down either inside the shop facing out or outside with a vantage point on the store. Then just hide behind the wall and wait for Freedom Bear to run out of ammo. He should be able to just about kill Slappy.

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