Kill Carl the Mailman - Psychopath Guide for Dead Rising 2

Kill Carl the Mailman - Psychopath Guide for Dead Rising 2
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Mail Order Zombrex - Carl the Mailman

This mission is usually given out shortly before you’d need to get the second dose of Zombrex for Katey. The mission won’t start until you examine the postal cart sitting in the mail. I don’t actually think that you need to take much to this psychopath fight. Any decent combo weapon and a few food items should be fine.

Carl the Mailman is surprisingly standard. He’ll move around the map quickly and fire three shot bursts from his shotgun. These actually don’t do too much damage, but they do cause Chuck to stumble. If you get too close or attack him too many times at point blank range, he’ll bash Chuck with the shotgun and run away. Note that Carl can also throw special packages out. These bombs will blow up and cause Chuck to lose his balance and take a fair bit of damage. You should actually be able to side step their range fairly easily, unless he actually manages to hit you with one.

There are shops in the mail that you can run to to grab more weapons or food if you need it.

Killing Carl the Mailman

Killing Carl - Dead Rising 2 Psychopath Guide - Carl Falls Apart at Close Range

In order to kill Carl the Mailman, you basically just need to be fast. Getting into a duel with Carl is ill advised. It’s too hard to aim when he’s constantly breaking Chuck’s focus. A shotgun doesn’t seem to do enough damage to him and he can generally fire it faster than Chuck can. This is a duel that you just won’t win. The sniper rifle is an option, but Carl moves around too much in a crowded area with a lot of cover. You probably won’t be able to get a clean shot at him easily. A few other ranged weapons, especially some of the fire ones with splash damage, migth work, but it’s easier to just use a good combo weapon and beat him up.

The danger in a melee attack is that he’ll use the shotgun blasts to stun Chuck long enough for him to run to another locations. Merely chasing Carl will not be enough to win the fight. It’s better to approach Carl with a diagonal run. If you can roll, then that’s even better. Moving sideways limits the damage considerably and rolling almost negates it. Once you’re close, just hit him hard and fast until he knocks you back and rolls away. Note that if you’re having a lot of trouble with the damage, you should just hit him twice and fall back to avoid any potential counterattack. Rinse and repeat the attack until you’ve worn down his health enough to kill him.

Carl the Mailman is actually probably one of the easiest psychopaths to kill and you get the reward of some free Zombrex for your trouble. That’s a pretty good deal.

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