Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough – Psychopath Guide – Killing Leon

Meet the Contestants

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Meet the Contestants

Leon is probably going to be the first psychopath that you meet. You may even accidentally trigger Leon before you get the call for it. This is honestly a pretty easy fight and it doesn’t require much special preparation. It can be done with a little agility and a melee weapon. You can also run away from Leon at any point and duck into a bar or store for something to drink or eat.

On another note, it’s one of the most valuable psychopath missions, since it will give you access to the motorbike and its combo trailer. If you’re looking for a way to easily grind through the strip, the bike isn’t a bad choice.

Once you go to the front of the arena, you’ll get a cutscene showing Leon, your old rival. After he officially loses it, we’ll need to go after him. Thankfully he hands you the key to the motorbike on the big platform. This isn’t actually a race, he just drives off to another area. I suggest that you get onto the motorbike on the platform and follow him up to the upper half of the strip. Once you find him, ditch the bike. It’s much easier to kill him on foot.

Killing Leon – Melee Attacks

Psychopath Guide - Dead Rising 2 - Leno on the Motorcycle

Leon should be driving around the big set of rocks. Once you find him, you might be able to draw him away to any other section, but the fight should start here. Leon is a very simple psychopath. He only has one attack. He can run into you with the saw blade and do a lot of damage and usually throw Chuck around or at least stun him.

Regardless, he’ll drive around the rock and try to ram into Chuck. This is just a basic bullfighting challenge. There are only two times that he is really vulnerable. If you can trick him into running into a wall, fence or tree, then he’ll be stunned for a moment and you can get in a few hits until he pulls away (or if he’s trapped good you can finish it in one run). Note that he also does a bragging session after he gets a solid hit on Chuck. After he spins around for a bit, he’ll stop to do a brief celebration dance. He can be hit then too.

The real trick to killing Leon is that you have to approach him from the rear. Note that merely touching the blades will briefly stun and hurt Chuck. You will need to always approach from the side and hit from behind.

The actual best process I found was to stick close to the outside of the rocks. The actual middle of the rock path didn’t seem to be too good if you want to melee him. He doesn’t seem to take long enough runs at you to build up the speed for a crash. Stick to the outside and wait by the fences. He should take a straight run at the fence and ram it for a guaranteed stun.

Note that there is a bathroom and a maintence room in the center of the split rock. You can save as the fight starts and take cover in the maintenance room.

Killing Leon – Guns

Killing Leno in Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide

Note that if you’re really having trouble, just bring a gun. Specifically, bring a sniper rifle. You can get one off of the wall in the gun store at the front of the Palisades Mall. If you don’t want to waste a trip, do a few survivor missions and the first case. This should trigger a mission called “Welcome to the Family” which takes place at the knife store at the back of the mall. Grab two sniper rifles and head back to face Leon. For this run, you can easily just stay right in the center of the split rocks. When Leon makes his attack run, you can just side step toward the maintenance closet to get out of his way. Use the sniper rifle’s scope to hit him at least once while he’s driving away. Wait until he completes his circle. He should line up perfectly with you and stop for a moment. Try to hit him once he lines up and continue to fire as he approaches you. Note that you don’t need to worry about getting headshots. Just focus on hitting him. Arm and torso shots work just fine and they’re easier targets. After a dozen or so shots he should die.

Note that his death unlocks the combo trailer and his bike. Enjoy your new toy!

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