Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - Killing Randy the...Something

Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - Killing Randy the...Something
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Here Comes the Groom - Randy

You’ll get this mission about halfway through the game. You can find Randy inside the wedding chapel on the main strip, although you’ll probably want to prepare yourself adequately before you try to kill him. I suggest that you think about getting a gun or at least some type of ranged weapon. The quickest solution is that you can get fireworks and a lead pipe from the maintence area next door to the chapel. Combining these makes a rocket launcher with 75 shots, which should be decent enough for the fight with Randy.

It’s possible to do this with a melee weapon though, and a simple nailbat can do enough damage to end the fight quickly. This psychopath fight (and most psychopath fights actually) will be much easier if you get a few Painkillers before you start. Just swing by the bar in the Americana Casino and mix two bottles of vodka together in a blender. This mix provides all the healing benefits of vodka with boosted damage resistance and no vomiting. Drinking one of these during the fight makes the whole thing much easier.

Randy is pretty simple for a psychopath. He has a chainsaw attack with a very wide arc and it does a lot of damage. A full hit will probably take away two blocks of health and leave you stunned. Note that this is basically all that Randy does. He will chase Chuck around the chapel, only stopping when he gets tired or stops to have a “moment” with his chainsaw. It’s safe to hit him once or twice during these breaks, but run away quickly before he counterattacks.

Killing Randy the Psychopath

Killing Randy the Psychopath - Dead Rising 2

Killing Randy isn’t actually too tough once you figure it out. This is a fight where it all basically comes down to your reflexes. You just need to keep running away from Randy and shake off the occasional hits (preferably by drinking a painkiller while he celebrates the successful hit).

One useful trick is noting that you can leap over the railing to get back into the center lane. Randy can’t leap over the rail, so he’ll have to turn around and run for the center. This is a great way to get away from his chainsaw attack if he starts to catch up with you.

As for the rest, just watch him and wait for him to stop and either play with the chainsaw or catch his breath. When he stops, unload whatever ranged weapon you have and pick away at his health. You can rush him with a melee weapon, but you will need to be careful. Bumping into his chainsaw, even when it’s not activated, counts for some damage and takes away your chance for an attack. It’s actually just like Leon. You have to make sure that you approach him from the side or the rear.

If you feel like taking a chance, you can also hit him with ranged attacks anytime you get a little distance between the two of you. That’s actually about it though. Randy is mainly an endurance battle, so wear away at him until the end of the fight.

Remember to talk to the bride to free her and gain her as a survivor.

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