Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - Killing the CURE Protester in the Americana Bathroom

Dead Rising 2 - Psychopath Guide - Killing the CURE Protester in the Americana Bathroom
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Chuck the Role Model - The CURE Protester

This fight with the CURE protester psychopath seems to cause a surprising amount of trouble. One big problem is that they chose to put the fight right at a save point and allowed it to trigger unexpectedly, and that was a little cruel. The actual fight is ridiculously easy though.

The hippie psychopath (I think his name is Brandon), has a pretty simple pattern. He’s armed with a big piece of glass and uses it like a knife. He’ll jump out of a stall, and if he sees you, he should take a moment to get up his courage and prepare to charge you. He will also hide and try to ambush you, so be careful when chasing him. After he finishes his attack or takes a bit of damage, he’ll retreat to a stall and wait inside for a moment before jumping back out. He can’t teleport around the stalls, so just keep an eye on which stall he goes into and wait for him to come out.

Also note that there is a hostage near the entrance. You need to free her after you kill him.

Killing the CURE Protester in the Americana Casino Bathroom

Killing the CURE Protester - Psychopath Guide - Dead Rising 2

As to actually winning this psychopath fight, it’s incredibly easy due to a borderline game breaking option at the Americana Casino bar. You will probably walk past this bar as you approach the CURE protester. It’s right in the center of the casino on a raised platform. It has a blender and an infinite supply of vodka. This isn’t even an exploit. There’s just a rack of vodka on the bar wall that doesn’t run out. One of the best combinations in the game is the Painkiller drink. It’s just two vodkas together in a blender. This magically makes it non-alcoholic (so no vomiting), it heals around 5 blocks and makes Chuck much more resistant to damage. For the fight with the hippie psychopath, I completely shrugged off his standard slash damage and usually just lost a block or so to the pouncing attack.

If you go in with a painkiller, it’s absurdly easy. Just smack him with a nailbat or any melee weapon and duke it out with him until he’s dead.

For actual strategy, stick to just one or two hits, then back off quickly. Going for anything more will leave you open to his counterattack. Stick to the entrance area fairly close to the hostage but stand looking out at the stalls. You should be able to see whichever stall he hides in and avoid getting ambushed while looking for him.

As far as guns go, I’d just avoid them. Guns don’t do a tremendous amount of damage. The shotgun in particular is fairly worthless. The sniper rifle isn’t too bad, since it has the chance to stun him, but guns seem to make him more likely to do the pounce attack. You can do it with just the sniper rifle and hound him. Once you get him on the run, you can just watch the stall with the scope and shoot him a few times after he jumps back. If you can avoid him for a moment by running, he shouldn’t be able to lay a hand on you. It certainly isn’t necessary and isn’t worth running up to the mall to get one.

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